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  1. I turn off Automatic Rope Break and make sure everyone has the Rope Break Ability. I add smoke to Bobby Roode's entrance on the ramp, but it still looks kinda empty when he spins round. I use Slick Sooch Sliders: http://slicksoochsliders.weebly.com/wwe-2k.html
  2. The ears should be excluded from the upload if you have the proportions correct.
  3. Hi all, I recently created a step by step guide to preparing a face upload for WWE2K18, today I updated this document and have included a brand new template to work from too that include 10 different textures to apply to face uploads. I'm sharing it here in the hope that it will help out anyone who may be finding difficulty with the process. It's a PDF file that can be found here: http://docdro.id/6BWaWoC All the best and happy creating!
  4. It's the 2k17 textures, I'd argue they're better than face pics with uneven and crap lighting
  5. Uploaded last night to PS4 CC - Bully Ray - WWE 2k18 Using Textures from WWE 2k17 Identical Moveset and Stats/Abilities as 2k17
  6. Uploaded to PS4 cc. Search tags in the image below.
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