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  1. If there was a "Welcome Back" thread that would be perfect for me. My name is Dustin, username dnelDesigns. Formerly referred to as Motiv/Motivation. I couldnt figure out any of my login info for that name so I just decide to make a new one. I joined this board for the first time my freshman year of high school, so that would be over 4 years ago. I must have done a lot for GFX.Caws because they entered me into the Hall Of Fame. I've been know for my text as I love typography. Currently I attend Central Connecticut State University. I major in Graphic Technology. I am trying to get some freelance work but it's a lot harder than I thought. I decide to come back because I've been making some stuff in class and I wanted some comments/criticism on them. A simple "it's nice" from my dumb ass professor just isn't cutting it.
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