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  1. Red Dead Redemption 2. Taking my sweet time with it.


    Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. Good idea on paper, sloppy in executions for certain things.


    WWE 2K14. Back to my YouTube stuff again.


    Marvel's Spider-Man. Just got DLC #2, Turf Wars, and will have fun going back to swinging around New York City again.

  2. Just foubd out im going to be an uncle. My best friend (we consider eachother brothers and family) brought his wife over and announced with an ultrasound in a christmas card that shes due in July.


    Holy shit I've never hugged that man so hard in my life.


    I'm the uncle of an 11-month old girl. And some people always look at me to the point of asking, "Why you don't get one of your own?"


    What can I say?

    I love my niece.

    She's so adorable.


  3. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4


    Velveteen Dream


    Undisputed Era

    Kairi Sane

    Johnny Gargano






    Drew Gulak

    Almas and Vega


    Finn Balor

    Becky Lynch

    Ronda Rousey

    Braun Strowman

    New Day

    Seth Rollins

    Shinsuke Nakamura

    The Miz

    Samoa Joe

    Roman Reigns (Braun Strowman immediately cashes in and wins)

  4. Funny thing about RDR was how everyone hated Jack Marston way more than they hated the US Marshal guy who made Johns life impossible in that game lol. Jack just could never live up to Johns game.


    Why did people hate Jack? He got revenge on the man that killed his father. I thought that was a nice touch. And it felt good killing that asshole too.


  5. Ugh. Pogba. Why did you dab, you tool? >__<


    Still, congratulations to France for winning their second World Cup. And congrats to Deschamps (1998 and 2018), the second man since Beckenbauer to win the World Cup as an active player, captain (1974) and coach (1990).


    Ironically enough, both guys won the World Cup at home as active players.


    How is the ref calling the ball over the line England cheating? that's just luck and Germany got karma in 2010 when ours WAS over the line and it wasn't called


    If only that was the only cheating you did in the '66 World Cup... Shady refereeing from the get go, most notably vs Argentina (thankfully Maradona would avenge that for them), last minute changing of stadiums from Liverpool to Wembley vs Portugal against regulations and without Portugal's consent. That shit would never fly today. You're a disgrace and always will be. I'm happy that the England national team is 'coming home'!




    Didn't they also kick the shit outta Pele too? Hence why Brazil didn't do a 3-peat, yet came back in 1970 with a vengeance?

  7. Monster Hunter World. Finally beat Diablos solo but had to use the free 2-day trial of PSN to beat Ratholos and gained help from more experienced players. Not gonna lie, I suck ass at this game.




    So I went through the story portion again today.......and then, this happened.

    I had no idea your cat companion could do that. :lol:

    And it happened twice. That had me dying.









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