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  1. Royal Rumble predictions:


    - The masked babyfaces over the heels


    - The Revival over Gallows and Anderson


    - Roode over Dolph Ziggler. Yeah I predict Ziggler to expect the challenge.




    - Gable and Benjamin over The Usos. Gable and Benjamin win the first fall, The Usos win the second fall and Gable/Benjamin cheats to win the third fall and the titles.


    - Rollins and Jordan over Sheamus and Cesaro


    - AJ Styles over Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Zayn eats the fall.


    - Brock Lesnar over Braun Strowman and Kane. Kane eats the fall.



    - Women's Royal Rumble winner: Stephanie McMahon


    Bayley and Ruby Riott start.

    The winner enters at no 30

    Stephanie McMahon, Bayley, Becky Lynch and Asuka make it to the final 4

    Nia Jax with the most eliminations

    Bayley to be the iron woman

    Alicia Fox to be the Bushwacker Luke



    - Men's Royal Rumble winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


    Elias and Kofi Kingston start

    The winner enters at no. 18

    Nakamura, Cena, Reigns and Undertaker make it to the final 4

    Baron Corbin with the most eliminations

    Elias to be the iron man

    Rusev to be the Bushwacker Luke


  2. ^ What he said.


    Been on a Royal Rumble binge today. I can't tell you guys enough times how great the 1990 Royal Rumble match is. 2007 was all right and surreal in the process. John Cena vs Umaga's last man standing match was fantastic. Shawn Michaels and Triple H's last man standing match was such bullshit. Absolute bullshit. Cena and Umaga had a better last man standing match than Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Fact.


    Watching the 2004 Rumble match now.

  3. Doom (2016). A Toe In Madness trophy obtained......LEGIT. No glitches, no nothing. Just pain.....a lot of pain and putting on my try-hard boots. Honestly that wasn't so bad. I wouldn't play the game throughout its entirety on that difficulty, but whatever. I got what I wanted.


    I was gonna go online and try my luck with multiplayer. But then I remembered, "oh wait, you ain't got PlayStation Plus.....dummy." :lol:


    Eh. I'll get it eventually.

  4. Isn't 2008 considered one of the better ones?


    Me personally, no. That was one of the more forgettable Rumble matches. The ONLY thing memorable about it was Cena's return and MSG cheering when he came out.......and then they booed when he started wrestling. :XD:


    No, MSG, you cheered for Cena. Ya can't take it back.



    Oh and go for 1990. Out of those Rumble matches you listed that's easily the best of the bunch.

  5. Been playing game cube and wii games on my computer like Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Strikers, Donkey Kong whatever it was called on the wii, Smash Brothers melee. There's just something about Nintendo games that you can't get from anyone else.


    So true. So true.


    Doom (2016) and WWE 2K14.

  6. Metroid: Samus Returns. Loving the game. Ended up dying at one area to get a key item. Cousin picking the worst timing imaginable to want to use my 3DS. A unusual Boxing Day it was for me.




    Also, Ratchet and Clank. Beat Chairman Drek and now going through the game to find the remaining gold bolts and skill points that I apparently missed.

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