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About nebbalf

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    New Talent
  • Birthday 02/24/1989

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    Shawn Michaels, The Rock
  • Favourite Music
    Anthrax, Metallica, In Flames, The Offspring.. ++
  • Favourite Wrestling Company
    the old WWF
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    Bergen, Norway
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    Music, sports.. oh and i always love a good movie

About Me

I'm a sporadic CAW creator, and have been been since the early smackdown games.

there is a set of characters i have been making annually for each SVR game since 2008, and it includes the Power Rangers, Spiderman and Venom, Batman, Superman and generally alot of different cartoon/action heroes I liked back when I was a kid. I don't know if it's the nostalgia or the fun of the challenge that keeps me making them, but they always keep coming. lol


anyway, all my creations are up for download on xbox live, so if you want to check em out, please do :) just run a search for nebbalf, and you'll find all my work.


ooor, if you would prefer to see them first, here is a preview:


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