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  1. Found a bug in universe: if I boot up my ps4 and load up universe, when I click on a show made up entirely of dlc arena (eg summerslam arena with summerslam match up plate, replay logo ect) it goes to a smackdown load screen (instead of chosen arena) and once the load bar disappears it stays on the smackdown load screen until you close down the game!! If I edit show and save will work fine until I turn off ps4, then will do the same next time I turn on ps4!!
  2. Didn't see it on the list, if had it twice now when I'm pinning near the ropes and my opponent grabs it both wrestlers freeze in pinned pose with hand stuck on rope!!
  3. It's not needed in universe, when you create a show in universe it automatically gives you the matchup screen and logo as part of whatever show your using in universe, this is so you get it all in exhibition.
  4. I think its got something to do with beards, happens on mine but only if they got a beard :-\
  5. Yeah gonna try and see if I can pin point the problem, I think its when harper/rowan jump up to distract reff
  6. Don't know if right place to ask, but encountered a strange bug, I was playing as Daniel Brian (p1 but on right of select screen) against bray Wyatt(com) with harper/rowan as managers and as soon as I go for diving head-butt harper/rowan interfere and my ps4 crashes, I repeated 3 times with same result, but works fine without harper/rowan. just wondered if anyone else could check see if it a bug or just me!!
  7. On the final caw page, at the bottom of the application, it says something like use as alt, just check the box
  8. Make sure them and any other wrestlers involved (will be under them on the stry screen) are on the same show and face/heel correct for all of them.
  9. My custom songs were buggy in 13+14, I couldn't use custom jukebox on 14, and 2themes would play at the same time on both after custom music in entrance, and replays would go ultra slow and unable to skip with custom tracks on, not saying they couldn't fix it, but there defiantly were problems.
  10. I personally love it, I was gonna wait till ps4 release but so happy I didn't, this game dispite loosing legends(which is a shame) and cam/cas it just feels more solid to me, less glitchy, as for universe, wow what a step up, was bit confused at first but once I worked out how to use story's I am well happy, just gotta make sure the wrestlers are on same show and make sure the cheer/boo option is set right for rivalry and boom, propper stories
  11. I was the only one of my mates to like helmsley when he first started, used to play as him loads on wwf in your house for playstation, even doing his curtsy/bow if I won!!! But loved it when he went all dx, so for nostalgia ill have to say dx, but personally like all his looks
  12. I got a feeling the surprise returning boss is liu kang, he was super p!553d at the end of 9, and has returned from the dead in the original timeline.
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