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  1. So when you goto edit a superstar. You see the default and an alt underneath. If you edit the alt will that just take up 1 Caw slot? Or can u have 2 alt attires under 1 slot like a CAW has in their slot.
  2. I love those HBK tights... funny enough those tights HBK hates because according to him they werent finishd in time and he needed them for the Elimination Chamber match at SS. He was stuck with them.. Maybe thats why theyre not included in the game, because that match is.
  3. Are those tatts in the game or are they custom logos? If so can you post the logos on here please
  4. Maybe goldust was scanned bodywise but his tatts are missing
  5. When u create a CAS you can copy the attire to the same slot essentially creating an alt attire.. you can do the same thing to a EAS however you cannot select it as an alt attire for that superstar, itd be awesome if they paych that so you can have 2 different alt attires for a EAS and only take up 1 slot
  6. FROM EVERY MANS NIGHTMARE???? Hes never been announced from there? Venice Beach CA
  7. Last TNA Match vs Magnus 1/23/14 Sting vs EC3 1/16/14 AJ Styles Vs Magnus (Sting at ringside protecting AJ) 1/9/14 or Sting vs Bobby Roode 1/9/14 (The attire you asked about) and the final one 12/26/13 Thank You. I didn't watch TNA when he was Joker Sting so if anyone could post refs I would def make him, I am also getting requests for a Joker Sting on XBOX Live. Thats probably why lol. I missed that 9/1 ep.. I love that facepaint design.. I wonder if he does sign with WWE if he changes hes look or goes back to more of how he looked in WCW.
  8. Whats the best template you guys use for these PTs? Im trying to capture the TNA X belt right Also can we use PT side plates as well? Ive noticed with some releases we can PT the face plate but then dont have enough res to PT the sides
  9. When did he wear that last attire facepaint.
  10. Awesome cannot wait for it.. who else havw u got planned?
  11. Is there a way to have the tron in the Impact Arena just display the graphic IMPACT WRESTLING instead of showing in-ring action like it does on TV during matches, But at the same time play an entrance video??
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