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  1. Just a thought on inspiration , How about some more old FWA guys like Alex Shane , Mark Sloan , James Tighe , Paul Burchill , Bubblegum and Jonny Storm (not Jonny storm request again.. lol )
  2. Ligero? These are awesome mate! Keep them coming. Loving them all!
  3. Had a few more pop in my head.. what do you think of a Jonny storm or a Jody fleisch ?
  4. Nice work on these fella. Have you got a Danny Hope one? Would love to tag him up with that Joey Hayes one. Sorry for mithering , not often you get to see decent UK indie wrestlers and you are knocking them out the park! Can't beat a bit of Grand Pro Wrestling or Preston City Wrestling.
  5. Another one I can never find is Damon Leigh. Have you ever done a DDL one?
  6. Fancy making a Joey Hayes caw? Been looking for one everywhere.
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