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  1. Hey can you make the Randy Orton's 2002 attire also if you don't mind...
  2. Can you re-upload a non dlc version of shooter stevens please because my game keeps crashing with him
  3. Dude, there's no need to give up, it just that you need to get rid of the old logos and redo them again with new versions of the same logos you had and put on your attires.... That's all you have to do
  4. I'm saying when people download the attires, the logos and textures still not there that's why I said, the logos and textures on your attires and arenas needs to be freshly updated with new updated logos and textures...
  5. I downloaded one of them and I got to say the logos and textures you have on the attires is really outdated... All you need to do is to update your attires with freshly updated logos and textures
  6. Not this time... The logos on attires and arenas are working now after the patch
  7. Hey can or will you upload new attire logos as a rar file? Just wondering
  8. Team impact wrestling (Roode, Young, Ryker, Joe & Vega/Mia Yim as manager)
  9. Thanks.... And I just uploaded the la parka attire and suicide/liger attire w/ ricochet as both suicide and liger... Both of those are redone and all the credit goes to you
  10. Ok and can you also re-upload super dragon attire also please?
  11. I redone the la parka and suicide attires... But can re-upload the hulk hogan wcw attires so I can redone his too?
  12. I re-download your la parka and the logos are still missing on them
  13. Can you redo the tiger mask/liger, la parka & suicide attires with logos that worked?
  14. Not a clue why this happens. I installed the game at my mates yesterday on his ps4 and everything downloaded with logos fine. Basically from what I can see is if you Download one wrestler at a time, edit the logo's so they will appear, save it etc.. it should work! If you are the type that downloads random Caw's and attires and then deletes them etc that's what messes the logos up. I tried that, but it still doesn't work...
  15. I downloaded these and the logos from the attires are still missing
  16. I downloaded most of your attires and the logos are missing from them... Can you fix the problem please? And by the way,can you make these 2 following attires please?: Randy Orton (2002 & legend killer attires) : 2002 attire: https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-7b78bf1ba2c078d09af3684fe965caef Legend Killer attire: http://www.allwrestlingsuperstars.com/wp-content/uploads//160/160.jpg Finn Balor (Prince Devitt NJPW Attires): Prince Devitt attire (w/ custom NJPW red & white shirt included): https://headlockbackdrop.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/devitt.jpg Blue attire (w/black NJPW shirt included): https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-pro-wrestling-prince-devitt-january-20-2013-pro-wrestling-fantastica-53144962.html
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