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  1. Ok... But I don't see Victoria/Tara caw in the community creations
  2. Hey can you make the current impact, ROH & NJPW titles please?
  3. Well if you want to upload more of your attires, maybe you can make another account to add more... But as for the G. I. Bro attire, you can update him as his current version if you want
  4. Well you can update his ROW version of his G. I. Bro attire if you want...
  5. This is nice.... But he currently use the g. I. Bro attire in his wrestling promotion now...
  6. Hey can make you these following attires please? Booker T (G. I. Bro attire): https://www.wwe.com/f/styles/gallery_img_l/public/photo/image/2011/03/GI-Bro.jpg And can you see if you can make one of these HBK attires please: https://i.redd.it/unkcdhwwj5621.png
  7. Yes the blue attire and his legend killer attire with the legend killer shirt
  8. Hey can you make the Randy Orton's 2002 attire also if you don't mind...
  9. Can you re-upload a non dlc version of shooter stevens please because my game keeps crashing with him
  10. Dude, there's no need to give up, it just that you need to get rid of the old logos and redo them again with new versions of the same logos you had and put on your attires.... That's all you have to do
  11. I'm saying when people download the attires, the logos and textures still not there that's why I said, the logos and textures on your attires and arenas needs to be freshly updated with new updated logos and textures...
  12. I downloaded one of them and I got to say the logos and textures you have on the attires is really outdated... All you need to do is to update your attires with freshly updated logos and textures
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