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  1. Ok cool... I just wanted the beefcake one for my upcoming legends of WCW universe mode
  2. Nice attires so far... Can you upload steamboat, Lawler, beefcake, cactus jack, McMahon and retro HBK attires please
  3. When you release version 2 of your attributes set?
  4. I was saying the 3rd part of his attributes is missing
  5. Half of heath slater's attributes are missing and dash wilder's attributes are missing also
  6. I totally agree... Dispite all the crashes from the creative standpoint to the backstage not working in regular extreme rules and royal rumble keeps crashing in universe mode... I'm saying this game is a total *censored* show
  7. Well... How about Jeff Jarrett, Jay lethal (black machismo), Alex Shelly, Frankie kazarian, James storm and Gunner?
  8. Hey could you try TNA version of Young AJ styles when had short tights? Can you try the younger version of Eric Young and Robert Roode when they was with team Canada?
  9. Ok... But I don't see Victoria/Tara caw in the community creations
  10. Hey can you make the current impact, ROH & NJPW titles please?
  11. Well if you want to upload more of your attires, maybe you can make another account to add more... But as for the G. I. Bro attire, you can update him as his current version if you want
  12. Well you can update his ROW version of his G. I. Bro attire if you want...
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