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  1. Thank you. Since Ive been off work for a couple of weeks, Ive had way too much spare time on my hands. Its been fun putting these together. Ive never heard of the overalls thing before but Ill look into it. Its not like theyre wearing all the same things that could make them glitch out either...unless its the LOI logo on the shirts. I have heard random things about images glitching in the game. I will definitely look that up.
  2. Added so much work that I've been doing over the past couple of months. Added at least 10 new CAWs and 3 stables. It's all in the first post.
  3. I did some new face textures for some of my CAWs and got Mike Simpson and Mark Taylor up in the first post if anyone cares to see them.
  4. I havent been able to get pictures and a bio up yet. Im doing family gatherings all weekend. I threw him up there just to see if anyone would bite on him. Im less than 50 downloads away from the next tier. Hes more of a Chris Benoit type. Submission machine and all of that. I was just working on him today and changed him up a fair bit. It was suggested that I start using face textures, so he and some of the new ones Ive made now have faces. Ill post him here hopefully tonight.
  5. Wow. Thanks a lot! I dont know if I will, but you never can tell. I see so many creators that will make entire shows full of people and I said I never wanted to do that kind of thing, but Ive had so many crazy ideas pop up over the past month that I keep thinking of at least trying them out. Well see how it goes.
  6. Finally got around to loading in all of my caws! Even added 3 more caws this year, a first for me in over 10 years of these games.
  7. Lo Pan is somewhere saying Green eyes! She has green eyes!! lol They are amazing. Are you uploading them? I am the biggest sucker for womens tag teams. I have way too many but always find more room for really really good ones.
  8. 100 CAW slots is not enough for me. So many awesome original CAWs I want to download and make original shows for. 2k needs a 200 CAW slot update. Id take all of these if I could. Really good work.
  9. Any possible way you could upload Violet Rose again? Ive had Jennifer for a while now and would love to get the team together.
  10. So if everyone is moving to Twitter or the majority have moved elsewhere, whatever the case may be, then what are some Twitter handles to looks out for? The one thing Ive loved doing more than downloading original CAWs and using them in my Universe is to get on here or reddit and see others original CAWs, but its becoming harder to find any. Twitter searches for anything usually lead me through pages of guys posting YouTube videos of those celebrity or movie CAWs and real CAWs. Who does originals? Or better yet, what are good tags to follow? (And know that this is my first year going after original CAWs. Im a noob to where to go. I only came here first because this is where I used to go in the old days to get formulas. Thanks in advance.)
  11. Going after The Coven and Nicki Roland when I get home. Im absolutely dying for tag team right now. Do they have any specific entrances or music as a tag team?
  12. It is official, 100 CAW slots is not nearly enough. I need tag teams and my 100 are full. Love your work, man. Im going to have to start thinning the herd for the fourth or fifth time to make room.
  13. Man! Every time I think Im done downloading new CAWs, I find I need to make room for more. These are really nice!
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