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  1. Yes Ive been following your work on from Xbox in glad youre also on ps4 now. On Xbox I noticed you made some aj styles attires from house shows I was wondering if you could recreat those. I believe they were the one that had styles written on his tights
  2. Have you thought about doing any edge attires or Chris Jericho or hardy with some sleevedesigns. Thanks for making the hardy 6 man tag attires !!
  3. He is a great caw creator and does some excellent work on alt attires as well. He hasnt come back this year that Im aware of he has a Twitter where he usually post stuff on but havent seen anything lately. Such a shame his Drew McIntyre last was one of my favorite caws
  4. Loving these attires keep them coming. Anyway you can make the Jeff attire when he teamed with his brother and Morrison vs punk and the hart dynasty?
  5. Just downloaded these they look great!!! Finally all this attires are coming along. Great work
  6. Wow those attires came out perfect just downloaded thanks so much!!!!!
  7. Yesssss that would be great those are my favorite attires of his
  8. Do you take request? Im looking for aj styles payback 2016 and vs kofi June 2 2016
  9. Looking forward to see your work this year
  10. Hell yah I downloaded all of your Jeff hardy attires in 2k18. Is there any chance you can make his 6 man tag team match attire from when he teamed with Matt hardy and John Morrison vs punk and the hart dynasty Also any chance you making any edge camo attires? Sorry if Ive already asked Im new to this and havent seen my post yet, but your Jeff hardy caws are the best any way you can make the 6 man tag team match he had on smack down when he teamed with Matt and John Morrison ? I
  11. You making the edge 2008 royal rumble camo attire?
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