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  1. Anybody got a good theme replacement for the Dudley Boyz?
  2. First off. That's Great for Old School 1997 HBK but if you're going for Current 2018 HBK this is what I came up and is the BEST you can get, I guarantee it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2_4H_fdDrs Shawn Michaels (2018) Ribbon Movie: Beth Phoenix Wall & Banner Movie: Beth Phoenix Stage Ramp Movie: Shinsuke Nakamura Apron & Ring Post Movie: Kassius Ohno Thanks dude! It looks super great And second off, I got a Kingston '12 one. It's not great, but it's the best I could think of. Ribbon Movie: Lince Dorado Wall & Banner Movie: Rhyno Stage Ramp Movie: R-Truth Apron & Ring Post Movie: Lince Dorado Oh, I almost forgot my Miz '10 one Ribbon Movie: Bianca Bel Air Wall & Banner Movie Bianca Bel Air Stage Movie: Alexa Bliss Apron & Ring Post Movie: The Miz
  3. Surprised there hasn't been... Anything in this thread... Here, I'll just quickly post the first quick graphics change I did (It's just Scripted's Shawn Michaels graphic change from 2K18 but with some changes to make it... redder) and hopefully that'll bring some attention to the thread. Ribbon Movie: The Miz Wall & Banner Movie: The Miz Stage Ramp Movie: Adam Cole Apron & Ring Post Movie: Kassius Ohno
  4. The American Alpha theme is still in the game. Gable is currently using it, so it's his theme.
  5. Yeeeees! Was waiting on the Tiger Print and ECW ones! And then you go ahead and bundle the Tiger one with one of my favorite old school RVD Singlets!
  6. I didn't even notice who this was before I saw the content creator name. I freaking loved your attires in 2K17. top quality stuff! Can't wait to see what you'll make this year.
  7. What are you talking about? You absolutely keep the chants... I'm playing with Roode right now after editing the minitron, and he still gets a loud Glorious chant.
  8. Logging on just so I can thank you for these freaking RVDs! They're so freaking good! I wish the game let me have more than 100 slots so I could justify getting every single one of them. (And your HBK '02 is damn good too!)
  9. I've been looking all of the CC for a ROBERT Roode (When he was long haired), and can't find any.
  10. Still can't believe you've almost done every WCW PPV from '97 to '01. that's amazing. Keep up the good work man!
  11. Theres a bug that's making some logos transparent after you download them, But i found some Ruthless Aggression Dudley Boyz attires that just need Bubba's 3D logo on his back, and D-Vons bigger 3D logo on the front. If any of you guys could get those, then that'd be a big help.
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