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    Shane Strickland/Ethan Page
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    PS4, Xbox One
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    DEFY Wrestling
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  1. Wimpy


    PCO's resurgence has been one of the best stories in Indy wrestling recently. He just signed with ROH too. I get to see him in Seattle next month, can't wait.
  2. Wimpy


    That PCO might be one of the best CAWs I've seen
  3. Good boy. You know what I mean! Yeah we do
  4. I usually fill NXT with North American and UK Indy talent. Guys from Evolve and Progress especially. Feels pretty natural.
  5. Lol he's already posted a Hogan preview on Smacktalks
  6. Sorry if I seemed defensive, didn't mean anything by it. He has a lot of attires I enjoy. I just picked this because he wrestled a few big matches in it recently and I really like the simpler trunks he wears.
  7. This is from Evolve 104, just a few months ago.
  8. Actually got the idea from another creator, can't remember who. I don't fault anyone who goes all out, but I just want to minimize my impact on logo count.
  9. Downloaded Io before work and she looks great. Nice job!
  10. The load time in the main menu is amazing when compared to 2k18. When testing out textures the time it takes from upload to get back into CAW mode and apply it has dropped drastically. It's been saving me a lot of time when testing body textures.
  11. ​Haven't checked out the mask options, but I'm planning on just doing 1 attire slot per CAW this year. There are too many good CAWs and creators out there for me to bog people down with more logos. ​That's not to say I wont do Killshot as his own CAW, but at the moment no plans.
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