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  1. Jericho is coming along despite logo issues. Working on a few attires but Painmaker is up first. GamerTag: zeegs Hash tags: Chris Jericho, Painmaker, AEW
  2. Hogan is looking really nice. Wish the bandannas in the game didn't stick out so much, they end up looking a bit like a thick helmet.
  3. Ha, weren't too many great hair options. Some of the longer ones were making him look too much like HHH.
  4. Includes his ROH 15th Anniversary attire with Venom on the singlet and his Punisher gear with the military jacket. Gamertag: zeegs Hashtags: Christopher Daniels, ROH, ALMIGHTY
  5. Just finished my project for the day. I thought this would be a lot faster before I realized I couldn't add makeup to pre-made wrestlers. Two attires from the feud with Naito. Basic Alpha Club shirt with white scarf for the entrance, and the makeup from Dominion. The makeup looks less transparent in the character selection than it does in the matches. Tried to get the tattoos as close as possible without going crazy on how much time it was taking to get solid reference photos and merge them together. Gamertag: zeegs Hashtags:Chris Jericho, Alpha Club, NJPW
  6. Second creation is done and uploaded. Marty Scurll two attires black/white. Full move set and entrance. Gamer Tag: zeegs Hashtags: Marty Scurll, The Villain, Bullet Club
  7. Went for Kenny Omega for my first creation with the new game. Two attires, move set, and entrance available now. Probably going to make Scurll next. Gamer Tag:zeegs Hashtags: Kenny Omega, NJPW, Omega
  8. Thanks, I think I might make some more attires now that I have this base design set up.
  9. First CAWs for the new game. Gamertag: Zeegs Search: Hulk, Hogan, Hulkamania Gamertag: Zeegs Search: Pete Dunne, Bruiser Weight, UKCHAMP Gamertag: Zeegs Search: Marty, Scurll, Villain Kenny Omega NJPW G1 Climax 27 attire Search: Kenny, Omega, NJPW Gamertag: Zeegs
  10. Thanks for the positive feedback, I really wanted to make the Takeover Toronto entrance robe with the cape, it was a bit of a pain building a robe out of other parts so it could work with a cape. Pretty happy with the end result though, too bad robes and belts don't play well together.
  11. Second attempt at Bobby Roode. Both attires use the same ring gear. Glorious DDT: Impaler DDT 2 is the main finisher, added the backstabber as a signature. Search the tags: Bobby Roode, Glorious, Toronto. GamerTag: Zeegs
  12. Fair enough, the photo I used for the face wasn't perfectly front facing. I guess I didn't nudge the eye around enough. I moved the eye a bit and re uploaded. I'll probably keep working on it.
  13. Thanks, it is my first attempt at making a CAS of a real wrestler and not just friends. It's uploaded now if you want to check it out.
  14. Here is my first attempt at making Booby Roode with his attire from the September 14th episode of NXT. Update 18/10/2016 Finished the move set and uploaded. Search the tags: Bobby Roode, Glorious, NXT. I gave him the Glorious Bomb as his first finisher and the Impaler DDT he used on the episode that I got the attire from as his second finisher. I copied most of the move set from AgeofSandow's WWE 2K16 Bobby Roode Moveset video on YouTube. https://imgur.com/a/IOAGA
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