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  1. We'll more then likely see a corner variation in 2k16
  2. Personally I agree with McMahon, The Curb Stomp was never intended to be an 'Out Of Nowhere' maneuver or a corner move. The Black Out was always intended to be a set-up move in my perspective, I don't recall Rollins ever hitting the move that looked right to me outside of when he nailed Lesnar with it after Cena put Lesnar through the table pre-Royal Rumble 2015. Having Big Show, Kane or J & J Security "Hold" someone up like Ryback so Rollins could hit the curb stomp specifically when this was done on John Cena who always jumped into the move for effect just didn't come off as right to me. I don't know why Seth Rollins doesn't use the Avada Kedavra.
  3. Hope I'm not being too much of a bother or a noob, I've noticed users have a 'Signature' where would I go about that?
  4. I don't know how to respond to this topic. It's rather personal for myself, at one point I believed everyone has the right to end their life depending on the reasoning besides myself. But, that was six years ago and I've lost and seen multiple people I know lose people to suicide from mental disorders like depression, eating disorders, etc or cyber bullying, bullying and harassment. In a way it is sad to be ninety-nine and live past everyone you once knew, but it is even sadder to be as young as twenty-one and feel there is no light. Every perspective is different, as the quote states "for those involved, no explanation is necessary, for those who are not, no explanation is possible". I've found that you can't explain pain to someone, you have to experience it. I still believe everyone has the right depending on the situation, but I've also realized that a lot of those situations should have been looked at from a different perspective before hand. But, I suppose when you have someone end their life because of you. It changes the perspective of the whole topic, which is why I said I don't know how to respond.
  5. Does anyone else do this, I've found myself booting up CAW Mode just to get the feel of how a character looks and acts. Fleshes everything out a bit more, I just booted 2k14 to go through past characters.
  6. Anyone unlock this Achievement/Trophy? I've only got four Achievements left, Storm Out, The Deadman Defeated, Road to Wrestlemania and A Winner Is You. I only have twenty-three ranked match wins out of fifty, I heard there was a way of boosting via choosing Ranked Fair Fight and choosing Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso or a Diva then trading victories w/ someone. Seems nobody plays 2k15 on Xbox One though.
  7. WWE Universe Mode: I've found a lot of potential in WWE Universe Mode, problem is there are a lot of Scenes that add up to or don't effect gameplay in any way, shape or form. For example someone coming down to sit w/ Commentary which results in a finger poke and them walking away like nothing happened. WWE Universe Mode needs some sort of 'Gimmick' section same as Create-A-Wrestler does, I shouldn't see someone like The Undertaker walking out naturally to sit at Commentary and then just pointing at their current rival as they get close and walk away like nothing. Just doesn't happen. WWE Universe Mode is effected by everything else in 2k15, match types, A.I, move-sets, ect. This is the trifecta mode where everything should come together and play nicely, unfortunately A.I booking and issues with gameplay cause major faults in this department. - ADD: Choices: There are scenes that go nowhere such as Ringside W/ Commentary, Pro Wrestler waving off a match, etc. These should all have choices for the player/A.I, for example Pro Wrestler/Champion waving off a match should give the player if they aren't the one waving off the match to go after or take the win via count out or if they are the pro wrestler/champion waving off the match the option to either just take the count out loss or call upon an enemy of the rival to double team them. A.I. should also have these choices to leave WWE Universe Mode more open ended so you don't know exactly what will happen. - ADD: GM Mode, Superstar/Diva Mode or All In One Mode: Since WWE Universe Mode in '11 I always thought that there should be three styles of playing, General Manager Mode a system where you can edit cards, but can't play matches. Superstar/Diva Mode where you play as Pro Wrestlers, but can't edit cards and 'All In One' Mode where you can edit cards, play as anyone, etc. WWE Universe Mode should contain a Wrestling Observer Newsletter style rating system that effects Card Ratings in GM Mode, Match Ratings in Superstar/Diva Mode and both in 'All In One' Mode. Additionally Contracts, Costs, moral, etc in General Manager Mode should be completely optional and not effect the mode whatsoever. - STOP/FIX: Achievements/Trophies centered around WWE Universe Mode: The player shouldn't have to play a specific way in WWE Universe Mode to unlock a specific achievement/trophy, there shouldn't be any Deadman style achievements/trophies, ect that should all be left to 'Play'/Exhibition modes. Forcing a player to unlock certain pro wrestlers or events by doing specific things in WWE Universe Mode defeats the purpose of being able to edit WWE Universe Mode, no specific unlockables should be tied to the mode. - ADD: Victory Scenes: I think I've seen a single Tag-Team Victory scene in 2k15 and Single Victory Scenes don't always 'Fit' the scenario. - FIX: Tag-Teams Ring Announcers will announce In-Game Tag-Teams, Prime Time Players for example as The Prime Time Players even if in WWE Universe Mode they aren't referred to as PTP in a different tag-team. Setting Positions in Tag-Team/Trio Entrances changes the position of Tag-Team/Trio members in WWE Universe Mode, for example I had 'Money Corp.' featuring Titus O'Neil & Darren Young w/ Alberto Del Rio but using 'Evolution' as the trio entrance and change Del Rio as Triple H made the tag-team Del Rio & Darren Young. This also occurred in my Samoan Dynasty Team which was Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns, using The Shield Trio Entrance and giving Reigns his usual position changed the tag-team to Roman Reigns & Jimmy Uso. Match Types: - FIX: Weapon Physics/Weight: In 2k15 none of the weapons have weight, this causes them to glitch out and fly all over the place making basic ladder matches Hell for the player. Wooden Tables shouldn't explode like soap suds, they should break evenly where the professional wrestler connects. - FIX: Stamina System: The player shouldn't lose a ladder/steel cage match after a single signature because they have to get to their knees to crawl to the ropes to pick themselves up, as enjoyable as The Stamina system in basic single matches it doesn't work anywhere else. - ADD: Commentary: The Commentary flows better I suppose but the dialogue isn't worth listening too or well spoken most of the time, a lot of the dialogue specifically from Jerry 'The King' Lawler comes off as being read on wikipedia. The countless 'Buzzword' commentary that just replaces a specific word/pro wrestler name/signature or finish doesn't help either, Commentary should be unique for every single match. The player shouldn't play through a single card in WWE Universe Mode and hear the same thing twice, Commentary should be focused on the match and maneuvers being used. When someone slaps The Undertaker, Commentary should react like someone just slapped The Deadman. Not continue on about looking into the eyes of The Undertaker leads straight to Hell. - ADD: Hell In A Cell Gameplay: The player shouldn't be limited to eye rakes in the Cell area around the ring in The Hell In A Cell match, why can't we use the door? There is a door in HIAC, I know that more recently World Wrestling Entertainment has been about keeping the action inside HIAC but using the door makes a lot more sense then most of the OMG Cell breaking moments specifically with the animation and lack of spacing outside of the cell. - FIX/ADD: Hot Tags: Nothing breaks a tag-team match up more then seeing someone like Cesaro & Tyson Kidd or Luke Harper & Erick Rowan doing a Hot Tag, realistically the current Hot Tag animation only fits The Usos. Hot Tags also do nothing for a tag-team match, no momentum, no signature/finisher. Nothing, if anything Hot Tags should be connected to Signature/Finishers or The Comeback Mechanic. Also, there is no way to reverse Hot Tags either. Gameplay: - ADD: The Big Show Effect: Realistically nobody should be picking someone like Big Show up for a suplex, not every heavyweight should be able to do this and even super heavyweight shouldn't be able to do this. The player shouldn't be playing Sami Zayn Vs. Big Show, yet feel like they are playing on the same field as if Zayn was Vs. Mysterio. Zayn shouldn't be able to nail Big Show w/ The Blue Thunder Bomb or even a standing Koji Clutch. Not a living person should be able to hit someone like Big Show w/ any sort of Hurricanrana, Frankensteiner, etc. IF the player is an underdog facing Big Show, they should barely scrape by w/ a victory. - FIX: Distinction between Running Ropes and Turnbuckle Climb: Nothing is more annoying then playing someone like Adrian Neville and running towards the turnbuckle after the perfect set-up for the Red Arrow just to rebound off the nearby ropes stuttering the momentum. There should be a gap between wanting to run the ropes and climbing the turnbuckle. - ADD: OMG Announcer Table Animations: Chokeslams, Powerbombs, Etc shouldn't have to stand on the announcers table to hit the OMG Moment none of those maneuvers makes sense for the pro wrestler to stand on the commentary table before hitting the move. There should be a different animation for different moves, certain moves should be excluded by logic. - FIX: Reversal System: The Reversal System as a whole has needed rewriting for years, you shouldn't see The Undertaker breaking out of powerbombs doing facebusters and not everyone should nail a Russian Leg Sweep and The Big Show shouldn't be doing literally 100% of the maneuvers connected to reversals. Reversal Timing also needs to be fixed or adjusted, Multi-player matches makes gameplay wither down to nonexistence. Ground Grapples, Corner Grapples, Rebound Grapples or even basic Grapples are all to easily reversed, there is also the case of A.I going Reverse crazy if they attempt to go for an OMG Moment.
  8. I apologize if there is another thread like this or an issue w/ threads like this. --- I've always seen 2k15 as building a foundation, for example look at WWE Smackdown Vs Raw [05] then look at what they did with '06 at the time THQ took what was implemented into HCTP build an engine around that and added to that foundation making a better game. A.I: - FIX: A.I Targeting: Playing multi-man matches in 2k15 is a test of wills in of itself specifically Triple Threat and Tag-Team matches, playing fifteen minute long Triple Threat/Tag-Team matches may seem enjoyable but when it's mostly just attempting to get the victory the enjoy factor becomes limited. The player shouldn't hit a major finish in a tag-team match, yet when they go to knock the illegal partner off the apron they'll turn around still locked onto the legal man downed inside the ring attempting to hit a ground attack/running ground strike. Making matters worse is when the illegal partner reverses an attempt to knock them off the apron, dragging matches on even longer. - FIX: Last Man Standing A.I: It appears that A.I staying down in The Last Man Standing match is purely luck based, the player could win via a basic backbreaker reversal or hit their signature/finisher only for the A.I to get up at a three/four count. I'll quote myself for a reference of an example of The Last Man Standing match A.I. - FIX: The Undertaker's 'Kip-Up' A.I: Why does The Undertaker do his signature 'Sit-Up' whenever he gets knocked to the mat? Manuevers: Since this is just testing the waters around here I'll keep this relatively short.
  9. Additionally Titus O'Neil & Darren Young are still referred to as 'The Prime Time Players' when announced, hope 2k notices this for 2k16.
  10. Never noticed this but in WWE Universe Mode I made 'Money Corp.' which consists of the tag-team of Titus O'Neil & Darren Young W/ Alberto Del Rio. Yet, when doing a Trio Entrance 'Evolution' and having Alberto Del Rio as Triple H in the entrance suddenly Titus O'Neil and Del Rio swap places so the tag-team is now Del Rio & Darren Young? Anyone else have this happen or notice this?
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