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  1. "My name is Drew McIntyre, and I am from Scotland. Though I know you Americans LOVE to cheer for your own kind, and that is why I've applied to dual citizenship. So tonight, it would be great to hear you say 'USA!'" Attire from his debut match against Brett Majors. Photos: http://imgur.com/a/IvmBi I uploaded him hours ago, but then this arse of a troll put a bad review of it. He's that guy who puts "WWE 2K16 CAW CHYNA" or whatever the hell he puts. Therefore, I deleted him and plus, I needed to put some more finishing touches to him including his abilities. Just like his debut, his entrance music is William Regal's theme though (if you didn't know) you can put his 2nd theme by the name of "Gaelic Highlands" on him. Hey, your choice. I'll update this post with the tags. Please, if you want, check out my other CAWs that are already on CC. I remade NickBreakerUK's ECW arena, I made Father James Mitchell/Sinister Minister, Ryback's new attire, and Danshoku Dino. I'm on there as CodeSS09.
  2. Hey guys, just letting you know, there's a Danshoku Dino CAW that I made on the PS3 Community Creations. He has a total of 4 hairstyle attires (Original, 2010-2012, 2013, and the hair that he had when he faced Joey Ryan in that now-infamous all over the internet-match) I've also uploaded a few made up CAWs that you might like, also. PSN: CodeSS09
  3. Hey it's me, it's me, it's theN64Wrestling here (You may not know me because I haven't posted here since 2014) and I have some good news. I have CAWS on WWE 2K16's CC. Those CAWS or whatever are: Current Day Mikey Whipwreck (with "Unholy Father" shirt) Bayley (NXT Brooklyn) Winter (2 early 2011 attires w/Blindfold) Teryo Law (with Dark Teryo) and the ECW on TNN arena. Check it out. I'm on there as CodeSS09. PLEASE NOTE: Mikey Whipwreck CAW is named "Mikey Wreck" due to the Whip being a bad word for 2K... why? I dunno.
  4. Umm, hmm.. I believe he actually talked about Taker on the TitanTron, so.. yeah. Rumors were, he was going to face him at WM 25. Oh, and I think his name was Van-something..
  5. Does anyone remember some sort of promo with either Edge or Triple H back in 2009-2010? Because I am trying to find one with a wrestler who interrupts one of them on SmackDown and he talks about Undertaker. Plus, the dude got released after this, so.. pleaasseee help!
  6. Can someone give me Val's face texture from HCTP so I can use it on WWE 2K15? Thanks!
  7. Can you please give me a Chief Morley face and trunk texture? If you could, rip it from HCTP (though I don't think that you do that kind of stuff...). The HCTP one is close to his look in 2003 but he wasn't Chief Morley in the game so... yeah. Thanks.
  8. Hey guys, anyone know a good tag team name for the following wrestlers: King Slender Giant Panther (I'm adding guys from the Pro Wrestling game on the NES, so, in case you are wondering, that's where they are from!) Thanks and... A WINNER IS YOU!
  9. Can you by any chance (if you have the game) upload the Military Arena's ring apron textures from the TNA iMPACT Video Game? If not, thanks. If so, thanks.
  10. What was John Cena's old finisher, guys?
  11. (Not sure if this needs to be in the TNA section or not..) Does anybody have a video of Jeff Hardy explaining why he left WWE after his first run? I know there is a video on YouTube about it somewhere. Anyways, I need it because I'm running my own Wrestling-Figure-Federation.. the EWF.
  12. Helllo guys! It's me, it's me, it's TheN64Wrestling here with my first ever "CAMs" (Create-A-Miner). This time it is the WW_ Attitude Era! I will be updating this thread so, if you want to see Dude Love, I'll GIVE YOU DUDE LOVE! *bang bang* (no requests, really.) These skins are based off of the attires seen in WrestleMania 2000. And note: I originally wanted the Rock's backstage attire that he had in the "Halftime Heat" match in WWE '13, But, I looked at the original footage; He didn't wear that attire. The ROCK Nickname: The People's Champ, The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment. From: Miami, Florida The Rock Preview Imgur Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/KOpNt The People's Champ's fruity-jabrony skins: http://imgur.com/qEBhjIM,60V8gFb,UOrGIKA,HyzHRYq Mankind/Cactus Jack Nickname: Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy From: The Boiler Room, Truth Or Consequences Mick Foley Preview Imgur Gallery: http://imgur.com/cxRuvHV,nMnl2ez,ZY4PW7o,HBw95y2 Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy's skins: http://imgur.com/iGTJ0TF,VInLScj,nk8c4Kf (Apologies if I'm Hot-Linking..)
  13. I heard (since I don't have the game) that there is a easter egg where you can play as any manager. Anyone have footage of Ricardo Rodriguez's entrance?
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNkEvjYTzhw In 2002, A storyline was made where Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels would set their sights on recruiting Triple H (by using demands and threats) into the New World Order, implying that the Kliq would be reunited in 2002. However, this storyline was not finished; seeing as Kevin Nash injured his quadriceps after delivering a big boot to the kicked-out member of the nWo, Booker T, causing the nWo storyline to be over for good. The Kliq/New World Order would soon return in 2011's WWE Hall Of Fame, where HBK was inducted by Triple H.
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