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WWE '12 Moves

Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓
Alex Shelley Beast & the Harlot 12th Jun 12
Madison Rayne TNAKnockoutsLover 12th Jun 12
James Storm Unknown 5th Jun 12
Mr. Perfect H.Patrik (innovator) WWF 1st Jun 12
The Boogeyman BrunoBarros 1st Jun 12
Sachin Unknown Mankind 20th May 12
Brodus Clay Sanjay Wolverine Funkasaurus 13th May 12
Hunico BrunoBarros 6th May 12
The Rock BrunoBarros 1st May 12
Batista BrunoBarros 1st May 12
James Storm MST3Claye 1st May 12
Mr. Anderson TNAWrestler12 TNA 14th Apr 12
Sid Vicious Graham Balls WCW 14th Apr 12
Goldberg Jason Stevens 14th Apr 12
Molly Holly laycoollover 14th Apr 12
The Usos BrunoBarros 1st Apr 12
Sheamus Jason Stevens 1st Apr 12
Tajiri Ratchford29 17th Mar 12
Rosa Mendes laycoollover WWE 17th Mar 12
Carlito BrunoBarros 7th Mar 12
Montel Vontavious Porter BrunoBarros 7th Mar 12
Adam Clark DX GENERATION 24th Feb 12
Dan Clark DX GENERATION 24th Feb 12
Shawn Michaels TortyTurtle6 24th Feb 12
James Bond DX GENORATION 24th Feb 12
Keith Irvine I_AM_HTSTW 13th Feb 12
Rick Rude LMFAO Boy 21st Jan 12
Michael McGillicutty LMFAO Boy 21st Jan 12
Mason Ryan LMFAO Boy 21st Jan 12
John Morrison TheSecondCitySavior 21st Jan 12
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