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WWE '12 Attributes

Name ↓ Creator Added ↓
John Cena amir 5th Oct 12
Gunther George 5th Oct 12
Kurt Angle justinbieber101 15th Sep 12
The Rock justinbieber101 15th Sep 12
Jerry Lawler #jerry gotrespect 9th Sep 12
CM Punk justinbieber101 9th Sep 12
Triple H Maestro 3rd Aug 12
Hulk Hogan mr.B 3rd Aug 12
Bret Hart mr.B 3rd Aug 12
Ryback Supp 14th Jul 12
John Morrison Supp 14th Jul 12
The Miz Supp 14th Jul 12
Kane memeddp222 7th Jul 12
Santino Marella DrewIsAwesome 9th Jun 12
Big Daddy V FilipWWE 5th Jun 12
Ryback Emilix 1st Jun 12
Cody Rhodes FlashFireStudio 13th May 12
Goldberg dk 6th May 12
Kofi Kingston dk 6th May 12
Lord Tensai Cena The Champ is Here 6th May 12
Aaron Anderson JeXx 1st May 12
Batista devond1999 27th Apr 12
Shawn Michaels devond1999 27th Apr 12
Yokozuna coolguy879 21st Apr 12
The Undertaker coolguy879 21st Apr 12
The Miz Johncenawwefan14 21st Apr 12
Lord Tensai Johncenawwefan14 21st Apr 12
Chris Benoit Johncenawwefan14 21st Apr 12
Vickie Guerrero Emilix 21st Apr 12
Rosa Mendez Emilix 21st Apr 12
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