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WWE '12 CAWs

  Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓ DL Only Vid
Chris Benoit masterkirbyxd 4 Different 25th Aug 12
The Great Khali Shawnman201 Red 25th Aug 12
Melina Diego Ch. 25th Aug 12
AJ Lee newcaw26 GM 25th Aug 12
Victoria Justice newcaw26 25th Aug 12
Mark Henry BrunoBarros WWE 13 + 3 Differents 10th Aug 12
Ann Hoang newcaw26 10th Aug 12
Faarooq WolfgangJT 4 Different 10th Aug 12
Kane maaz-rehman Masked 1997 Blackout 9th Aug 12
Nixie Pixel newcaw26 9th Aug 12
Ann Hoang newcaw26 9th Aug 12
Chris Benoit GreenZone Blue 9th Aug 12
Candice Michelle obsessedW/divas 9th Aug 12
Mickie James obsessedW/divas 9th Aug 12
Lacey Von Erich obsessedW/divas 9th Aug 12
Scotty 2 Hotty BrunoBarros 2 Different 28th Jul 12
John Cena masterkirbyxd 2002 Rapper 28th Jul 12
Pepper Marco2000CS 25th Jul 12
The Black Man Marco2000CS Black 25th Jul 12
Jaki Numazawa Storm of Sand 2 Different 25th Jul 12
Takashi Sasaki Storm of Sand 25th Jul 12
Yuko Miyamoto Storm of Sand 3 Different 25th Jul 12
Masashi Takeda Storm of Sand 25th Jul 12
Mr. Bean JONATHANVELEZ007 25th Jul 12
Elizabeth Gillies newcaw26 No 25th Jul 12
Triple H Marco2000CS No 19th Jul 12
Triple H BrunoBarros 12 Different 19th Jul 12
Hulk Hogan ak199418 WCW Red & Yellow 19th Jul 12
Arin Hanson newcaw26 Egoraptor 19th Jul 12
Stacy Keibler XT4 RaMPaGEpR0x 4 Different 19th Jul 12
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