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Bag Boy
CAW by Glenn

Date added: 27th August 2008
Face Parts
Hair: 50/50

Body Type: 100

Advanced Options
Neck: Height: -74
Width: 0
Depth: 0

Chest: Default

Shoulder: Default

Abdomen: Height: 0
Width: 0
Depth: 22

Waist: Width: 2
Depth: 64

Arms: Default

Hands: Default

Legs: Length: -80
Width: 0
Depth: 0

Feet: Default

Clothing Headwear
Mask: 22/22 - X:72, Y:29, Shade: -17, Alpha: 100
Logos: Design-Rotate Once, Biggest Vertical And Biggest Horizontal - X: 78, Y: 2, Shade: -7, Alpha: 100 (Start From Bottom Of Nose And Repeat 3 Times Directly Under Each Other)
Logos: Design-Rotate Once, Smallest Vertical, Biggest Horizontal - Default Colour Black (Place Over Mouthline)

Clothing Tops
Clothes: 1/31 - Default Colour White (Stylize So Its Tight)

Clothing Bottoms
Bottoms: 4/34 (Leave As They Are But Go To Layers And Extras And Go To Layer Organizer And Move The Top Below The Pants)

Clothing Shoes
Shoes: 8/29 - Default Colour Black

Layers & Extras
Crowd Signs: Your Choice

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