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SD! vs RAW 2007 Finishers

Name ↓ Added ↓ Rating ↓
James Storm 8th Aug 09
Ultimate Warrior 11th May 09
Nagato 17th Apr 09
Great Muta 9th Feb 09
Sabu 3rd Nov 08
JTG 11th Oct 08
Doink The Clown 11th Oct 08
Spiderman 4th Oct 08
Tommy Dreamer 29th Sep 08
Bag Boy 3rd Sep 08
Ken Kennedy 15th Aug 08
Rey Mysterio 28th Jul 08
Jeff Hardy 28th Jul 08
Sylvester Terkay 27th Jul 08
Kofi Kingston 4th Jul 08
MTG 30th Jun 08
Shelton Benjamin 30th Jun 08
Sandman 30th Jun 08
Paul Burchill 30th Jun 08
Melina 30th Jun 08
John Hennigan 25th Jun 08
Joe Target 16th Jun 08
Slash 15th Jun 08
Elijah Burke 15th Jun 08
Vladmir Kozlov 28th May 08
TigerMasker(CAW) 19th May 08
Paul London 19th May 08
Brian Kendrick 19th May 08
Kevin Nash 13th May 08
Finishers Selection (Schnappi's CAWs) 12th May 08
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