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ICCW SlapDown! Ep. 20

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This will be the last episode of the Season! Wow its been a long time since the first episode!

Anyways, ICCW management has been hush hush about this Episode. So much that they've have only offically announced one match!

In which yours truley Zachery Daquiri will step into the ring for my first ever ICCW match to go one on one with Jim "Cena" Ross! Since he's been pissing me off so much lately randomly popping up in the commentary booth, management thought we could settle are differences in the ring.

Also, the final card for ZOMG-a-Mania will be announced!


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[quote name='HBK Fan 2000' post='4286262' date='May 16 2008, 08:49 PM']When is ZOMG-a-Mania?[/quote]

No set date yet.

This is my biggest video project to date, so I don't wanna put a date out there an then be late.

When there is a set date I will try to inform everyone.

Thanks for your interest ;)

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