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Farooq moveset

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+ Standard Actions

Ring In:slide in

Ring Out: one handstand ring out

Taunts: raise arm1,taunt powerfull5,raise arm1,come on!

Fighting Stance: wrestling1

Walking Motion: normal

Running Motion:normal

+ Standing

Strike Attacks: big boot1,toe kick1,slap2,snap jab,clothesline1or2,body punch

Grapple Moves:

--- Clean:leave alone
--- Dirty: leave alone
--- Submission: put bear hug 1 as one of the submission
--- Category 1: power
--- Moves 1: scoop slam2,powerbomb10,clothesline21,backbreaker9,gorilla press slam
--- Category 2: power
--- Moves 2: body press drop fw,power bomb10,sidebuster1,suplex1,shoulder thrust1
--- Category 3: speed
--- Moves 3: clothesline21,suplex12,flapjack1(filler),kitchen sink2,free fall drop
--- Grapple Attack: leve alone

Grapple From Behind: atomic drop,back suplex2,forearm smash,elbow to back of the head2,back suplex6

Groggy Grapple From Behind: super atomic drop,back suplex2,abdominal stretch2,bulldog6,facecrusher5(iller)

Top of Cell Attack: default

+ Ground

Strike Attack: angry stomp,angry stomp,elbow drop3

Grapple Moves: camel clutch3,fury punch6,sleeper hold6,toss2,leg lock7,boston crab

+ Corner

Strike Attacks: running shoulder attack1,running shoulder1 attack,knee attack

Grapple Moves: corner choke,big back chop1,corner choke,shoulder thrust2,supperplex2,mudhole strikes

Grapple from behind:turnbuckle smash,tie to the tree of woe,toss into ringpost,snake eyes(filler),toss1

+ Rope

Groggy on ropes:elbow and irish whip

Rebound Attack:running shoulder attack,running leg drop,vaulting body press2

Diving out of ring attack: baseballslide

+ Diving

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:double axe handle3,flying clothesline2

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:knee drop1,diving elbow drop,diving elbow drop

+ Dash

Running Strikes: running shoulder attack2,clothesline17

Running Grapple: neckbreaker1,spear2

Rear Techniques: bulldog6,bulldog6

Running ground Attack: elbow drop5,running leg drop

Counter Attack: spinebuster2,neckbreaker10,powerslam pin2

+ Tag Team

Standing Tag Team: default

Corner Tag Team: default

+ Special


Signature Moves: to make the spinebuster5 more powerfull put it in all 3

Chair Finisher: ddt23,ddt23

Combination Attack:outlaw punch1horizontl,double axe handle1,clothesline1or3

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making a move a favorite does not make the move stronger, everybody has said that, but all it does is make the CPU use it more often, which means the CPU will use that over his main finisher the Dominator, so I'd advise changing that to something else, maybe the 3 main moves that he uses a lot that aren't finishers.......

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