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Found 4 results

  1. I don't use Twitter for any of this stuff, I don't do Discord, and this is basically the only forum left. I'm back and I'm better than ever. I don't know what it is with these games. I'll finally come up with something in Paint.NET that looks PERFECT on my computer screen. And then I'll put it into the game and it'll look like ass. Ugly man ass. Well, I spent all night, eventually had to switch Titantrons. I even figured out a workaround to those black garbage bag ring aprons from last year. You see, the problem occurs when you place a ring apron logo over the bend at the top, where the skirt connects to the edge of the canvas. It suddenly makes the aprons have this hideous, rubbery, overly shiny look. Anyway, I'm doing things a little differently this year. Nitro is the exception to what I'm about to say. In my absence, I noticed that other creators had made some great, historically accurate WCW arenas, so I felt like I wasn't needed anymore. So now I'm doing putting my own little creative spin on arenas while maintaining a semblance of reality. I've got a certain PPV that I'm really excited about, but I haven't started building it yet. I had the most perfect, most amazing PURPLE LIGHTS stage logo and I was dying to use it. Also, I think fog looks like shit, so I'll be keeping that at a minimal. One thing I'm disappointed about is that nobody else has used my idea of using WCW's announce tables (logo on front, blank on top) and just switching it around so you don't end up with a bunch of blank announce tables. Observe... (New arenas will be in the replies instead of the opening post) Hashtag as always, WarGreymon77! WCW Monday Nitro TNT WCW Saturday Night I detest the stage lighting in create-an-arena. Always so dark. Show my work, dammit! If you don't like my apron, just delete the logos.
  2. I don't expect to use this particular topic much, but I do have a couple of attire ideas. This thread is a catch all for attires and CAWs. Hashtag as always is WarGreymon77. I wasn't planning to buy this game at all. My passion for wrestling had faded into indifference. I was done. Even trying to watch old wrestling was painfully boring. Two things changed my mind and inspired to buy it. I saw a few things. 1. 2K added the WCW Women's Championship to the game, which blew my mind. I never thought I'd see it happen. More on that in the championships thread. 2. 80s Hulk Hogan, while not perfectly accurate, is better than that shitty 2002 Hogan. 3. I saw some Twitter posts mentioning how to use CAWs as referees. Immediately, I wanted to create the best referee of all time, Randy Anderson. I'm not satisfied with it. Something feels off. Maybe the fact that CAW mode has no short-sleeve dress shirt that's buttoned up enough to put a bow tie on. Randy Anderson I uploaded a couple of referee patches for Attitude Era referees. One for chest, and one for arms. I downloaded DrGorillaNuts Earl Hebner and I forgot who made Teddy Long, but I put him in the referee gear. Since they were marked as "cannot be reuploaded", I just decided to upload the referee shirt patches. I also have made a few for WCW's latter years.
  3. The camera in Create-a-Championship is still complete ass. Example... You place a logo on the strap. The camera shifts hard left and you cannot move it at all. You cannot even see the logo to color it. It's bullshit. Oh well... Anyway, so yeah, 2K actually added the real WCW Women's Championship into the game, although it appears to be based on a replica, rather than the real deal. The real belt had a gold "WCW" rather than a red one. But I'll take it. Only problem is, it's not available in the templates nor the relief section of create-a-championship. So I really don't have a choice in the matter. Good news is, they fixed the nameplate glitch from last year, so I can just go hog wild and create to my heart's content. WCW Championship 91-94 Two things always bugged me about this belt. One, the real belt is all-gold and not dual plated like the one in the game. Two, "WORLD" would be so much more visible if you just gave it a black background. So I did! It looks fantastic on Vader. Now for a bit of history. The late 90s WCW Tag Team Championships actually went through a few variations. The original belts, used during the Outsiders' feud with the Steiners as the "nWo belts" despite having WCW logos all over them (while the Steiners had the "WCW belts", the early 90s belts), were kind of small. Sideplates appear to be the same as in-game. Gold "WCW" on the sideplates, red one on the center plate? I'll call this V1. Introduced around Slamboree 1997 (May 18th), these belts would be used, back and forth with the old belts all the way up through part of 1998, when Hall stopped working as much and WCW finally retired the old early 90s belts. Next comes V2. Introduced at SuperBrawl IX and used until the company's closure, these used purple WCW logos, a much larger center plate with an eagle on it, and a very blue backing. They're my personal favorites, because I've always associated the WCW logo with purple, blue, and yellow. I haven't figured out a way to create this yet. But one day, maybe. And then there's V3, a hybrid which combines the larger/eagle center plate but otherwise seems to have everything else from v1. I don't know where that came from. Replicas, maybe? That's the one in the game. I even looked up Invasion era footage and they still seem to have the purple logos. I'm working on a couple of Big Golds, which will only be possible if I can get my hands on a template in game...
  4. Shawn Michaels (SurSer, IYH10, alt. red zebra, alt. blue zebra, IYH9, IYH8, IYH7, WM12, IYH6, RR) Sycho Sid / Undertaker (IYH12, SurSer, WM12) / Bret Hart (IYH12, WM12, IYH6, RR) Vader / Owen Hart (SS, IYH10, IYH6) / British Bulldog (IYH12, IYH11, SS, IYH9, alt., IYH8, IYH7, WM12, Arm Wrestle vs Ahmed alt.) Diesel (IYH7, WM12, IYH6) / Razor Ramon (Curtain Call, IYH6) / The Ringmaster / 123 Kid / Jeff Jarrett Mankind / The Executioner / Goldust (SurSer, IYH10, SS, KOTR, RR) Stone Cold Steve Austin (SurSer, IYH9, WM12 / Hunter Hearst Helmsley (IYH12, SurSer, IYH11, IYH8, WM12) Ultimate Warrior (WM12, IYH7, KOTR) / Ahmed Johnson / Jake “The Snake” Roberts / Yokozuna / Roddy Piper / Savio Vega (WM12, SurSer) Rocky Maivia / Marc Mero (SS, IYH8, IYH12, blue alt., white alt.) / The Stalker / Flash Funk / Mark Henry Faarooq / Faarooq Asad / Crush / Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw / Billy Gunn (heel) / “Razor Ramon” / “Diesel” / Salvatore Sincere / The Sultan Godwinns (Henry O. & Phineas) / New Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Leif Cassidy / Smoking Gunns (Billy & Bart) / Bodydonnas (Skip & Zip) / Phil LaFon & Doug Furnas
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