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  1. Have had Neo-Diva as part of my universe the last few years but actually forgot about them this year for some reason. Hopefully they're still on the CC...
  2. Ah thanks for the update, I'll keep an eye out.
  3. Great work dude. Is All Star Jones actually up yet because I'm not seeing him, either via search, hashtag or via content by creator.
  4. Yeah completely agree, so looking forward to the blue and red going up they are awesome!
  5. Yeah same here, can see Sasha and KO but Becky isn't showing up for me either.
  6. Can confirm that the patch has apparently fixed the issue. Downloaded a CAW that always corrupted my save data, it downloaded with no issues just now after I patched the game. They've also increased the daily download number to 50 from 20 as well. As for one or two attires, personally I'd say 2 saves having too many multiples and with the import attire sometimes moving all the logos out of position when they import could save some issues as I'm not sure if they fixed that.
  7. Can also confirm that the 1.2 patch they released today has apparently fixed the issue. Downloaded an RVD that always corrupted my save, hasn't done it this time.
  8. The logos downshifting from their original position happens on a lot of CAW's I've noticed, not just Gamevolts, had it happen to an AJ No Mercy Attire from someone else downshifted too, it's a bug on the game side.
  9. Always love your RVD's man they're always amazing and you do some of his best attires, hope they patch the corruption issue soon so that I can grab them when they go up.
  10. I took it down, I'm sorry about that. But until 2K patches this, it will keep happening Thanks for the compliment lol Is this the attire you mean? Started working on it Looking forward to the purple dragon and this Singlet versions going up at some point as they are 2 of my favourite RVD singlets along with the red dragon one you uploaded previously. It's just a shame they haven't fixed that stupid save corruption bug yet.
  11. Love this one but weirdly it's not showing up on the CC for me.
  12. Yeah well that's what they said on the 2K forum but I downloaded one of the CC last night that had at least 15 or 16 and it was fine so who knows, it could be that 2K know that 14 is the "safe limit" but they don't know how many over 14 it is. They also wasn't specific about if it was 14 unique logos each attire or 14 unique overall, it's a very weird situation. But you're right considering how many years they've been doing it now they must know how CAW makers make them and how many logos they use to be able to stress test it, how they missed it is a bit surprising. But onto your CAW's I love your RVD's they are amazing! And I'm really looking forward to when your Matt Sydal goes up that looks great as well.
  13. Like Sjwolf said 2K has confirmed that the save data corruption issue in regards to CC downloads is to do with too many custom logos, specifically they say it's more than 14 logos that does it and plan to hide any that are reported so that nobody can download them, however should find a way to fix it they way will unhide those CAW's.
  14. So according to 2K the whole Save Data bug issue with CC is due to CAW's who have more than 14 custom logo slots and plan to hide any that do to stop people from downloading them. However if they manage to find a fix for it they will unhide them, something to be wary off if you didn't know.
  15. If I was going to go for one, I'd love to see either the Halloween one or like Warrior said the Bret Heart tribute, CAW looks great so far
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