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  1. ....maybe.... I believe I fixed it, I think. But you were right. Hm...give me either later today(Its Friday) or Saturday....or Sunday to update this thread a bit.(In which then Paul Bearer will be up.)
  2. Thanks, thought Ziggler'd be a good base for Billy's entrance. Flattered but I dunno lol I'm really glad you guys like the Triple H. Just uploaded him too! Go download him!
  3. My favorite time, my childhood. So why not? *Updated 12/12/13 - "Helloooo Ladiesss!" (Holy ****, 8 months? Oops) *Updated 8/20/14 - (For whatever little life this has, if any) Ok, I'm done, Though incomplete and VERY late. Whats New?: "Old Age" Outlaws, Ken Shamrock Green Attire, and Grand Master Sexay Key: (Uploaded) = Nuff' said. (Needs Entrance) = Most everything's Done. Just needs an entrance. (Needs Moveset) = Most everything's Done. Only needs Moves. (Not Uploaded) = Most everything's done. Just got to get off my butt! (Not Finished) = CAW, itself, is still being made/or revised. *The possibility of having more than 1 is...possible.* Attitude Era Caws *Note: Not entirely complete *Also Note: Some of these caws, more so of wrestlers who were in past games (WWE'13), such like HHH, Shane McMahon, Ken Shamrock, etc. I try to make them as identical as I can to their original models. (body morph & face & attire wise.) Triple H (Retro) (Uploaded) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfm56hFMagU&list=UUEAkmlpgIzJ2rweZGe3q7TQ Tags: Lantro MM96 WWF HHH Unfinished HHHs New Age Outlaws: Road Dogg (Uploaded) *Wasn't able to add the tattoos originally due to how I misused my layers and without enough care I was able to live without em'.... (Credit to Jim for the logos) *I did do his kickpads! Tags: KENOBI MM96 DX OUTLAW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TidwdNHFpw&index=1&list=UUEAkmlpgIzJ2rweZGe3q7TQ Billy Gunn (Uploaded) (2 Pack w/Dogg) Tags: KENOBI MM96 DX WWF "Old Age Outlaws" (Uploaded) Tags: KENOBI MM96 WWF Ken Shamrock (Uploaded) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUad32yg4V4&index=2&list=UUEAkmlpgIzJ2rweZGe3q7TQ Tags: KENOBI MM96 WWF Shane McMahon (Uploaded) Tags: KENOBI MM96 WWF Big Bossman (Uploaded) Tags: KENOBI MM96 WWF Paul Bearer (Uploaded) Best I could do with morphing. Really wish I could bring down the second chin a lot more. Tags: KENOBI MM96 WWF Natural Hair: Val Venis (Uploaded) (Head isn't as small anymore(Not pictured) I like how this turned out. My second favorite aside Triple H. Oh, Guess what... Tags: KENOBI MM96 WWF Grand Master Sexay (Uploaded) Tags: KENOBI MM96 WWF These are what I got so far but that's not all so here is my...
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