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  1. So I guess 2k will be releasing a patch today at 8 am eastern time 5am Pacific time acorrding to 2k's twitter page found here https://twitter.com/WWEgames/status/1190078130888888320 hopefully they will fix alot of the annoying bugs in the game.
  2. I was creating Sunny Earlier and as I was adjusting her eyes I was able to do this to her right eye. Now I tried it on the left eye nothing. I did find it quite amusing and screen shot worthyhttps://gamerdvr.com/gamer/theabyss24/screenshot/13436690 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/theabyss24/screenshot/13436706
  3. On some of the weapons is says in order to unlock this you have your superstar or female superstar in my player at Superstar level or titan level. How do you go about doing that
  4. I tried to create a tag team both with caws. Both caws had logos on them when I went to play a match not only would it not let me create an entrance for them it wouldn't load the match period. It got to almost the end and froze. I took the disc out cleaned it real good nothing. I remembered somethin about other people saying their career caws froze when logos were put on them. I made a copy of the caws and on first ones I deleted the logos and now it works. Has anyone else had this bug its annoying me I want to be able to use logos on my caws.
  5. When you get to the part and Barron Blade come's up to Tre and Red in the Bcw Gym and says Hey I can offer you guy's contract's to compete in Bcw Decline. What will happen is Bcw loses most of its funding Tre is now a wrestler/security guard and leaves and Red is now a wrestler/Janitor You will compete in one match against a made up female wrestler named Josie Jane in a very run down and ugly looking Bcw Gym with Blade as the wrestling commentator. He will yell out lines like you people want your money back to bad!. I fooled Red and Josie Jane into signing life time contracts that's what you get if you don''t read what you sign!. Luckily after the match it takes you back to where you get the option if you want to sign with Bcw. If you didn't know though you spend your time during the match in a panic praying you don't have to start career mode over again.
  6. Iam offering my services by creating current Wwe Superstars entrance videos so people can keep their superstars entrance videos up to date. I am thinking about charging $10 dollars for a normal two minute video. What I will do is take screen shots of each slide on the video and teach you how to create a slide like entrance video of the superstars new entrance video. The price would go up if the video is longer then two minutes. I timed how long it takes me to pause the video get a good screen shot and save it and that is one minute and seventeen seconds. Which means if the screen shot shows a new action or pose the superstar is doing it will take me another minute and seventeen seconds to capture it. So far i am working on Becky Lynch's The Man's entrance video and it has taken me two and half hours and I am at 19 seconds out of her 1:34 minute video so I feel $10 dollars is more then fair to ask. Please Pm me on here or message me on my Gamertag TheAbyss24 on Xbox one and we can discuss what you would like how you would like me to send the finished product to you. Sorry No Ps4 Xbox One Only!
  7. In my universe Mode I was having a cage match between Ric Flair and Bully Ray (Caw) and I had it set up so John Cena 2003 would run in and help out Bully Ray well Ric Flair knocked me off the cage had me busted open and John Cena's 03 music hit but he never came down I remained laying flat on the ground and Ric Flair remained clung to the side of the cage and the game did not freeze but it did not continue with the match either
  8. So far I have played Wwe 2k19 for about ten hours in one sitting non stop and that was making Caw's. So far today alone I have created Screamin Norman Smiley Vince Russo Garett Bischoff and The Executioner. The big difference today is I will give myself break's after every caw I make I will turn the game off and go for a five or ten minute walk.
  9. Same the white light is blinding and makes it very hard to see the select cursor. Also the hit detection seems to be a little off this year
  10. 1 Baron Blade is a playable character 2 Not only is Bray Wyatt in the game but Bray Wyatt 2014 is as well and is a separate character 3 Bryan Danielson is a playable character and has his own entrance music and movie not Wwe related 4 Long haired Chris Jericho is in the game so is Chris Jericho from 2000 and Chris Jericho 2010 all are separate characters 5 Daniel Bryan 2010 Model is in the Game so is his current model and Daniel Brayn's 2012 and Daniel Brayn's 2013 and Daniel Bryan's model from when he was in the Wyatt Family 6 Erick Rowan 2014 is in the game and is a separate character from his Rowan gimmick 7 Jey Uso 2014 is in the game and is separate then his current Jey Uso model 8 Jimmy Uso 2014 and is separate then his current Jimmy Uso model 9 Besides John Cena there Is separate models for John Cena 03 and John Cena 2013 10 The is separate Kane models from modern day 2012 and 1998 11 there Is current day Kevin Owens and a Model of Kevin Owens 2018 wearing a wrestlemania shirt 12 They have a separate Kofi Kingston from 2012 model with entrance music and video 13 2001 Kurt Angle has returned 14 There is a separate Model of Luke Harper from his 2014 run 15 There is a Separate Miz model from 2010 16 There is a Separate R Truth model from 2012 17 There is a separate Randy Orton Model from 2013 18 There is a Separate Macho Man Randy Savage Model from 1992 19 1997 Shawn Michaels has returned 20 Triple H's Model's are from current 2001 and 2014 all separate
  11. Do you think there may be a small chance we will get entrances and the movesets for Brain Kendrick, Tommaso Ciampa, Nikki Cross and Enzo Amore
  12. Every month in my Universe Nxt holds its own Pay Per View so I am calling my next one Nxt Key West take over. Then my my Shotgun Saturday Night which is where i have all my legends I am having Summer Slam goes Hollywood. Then for My Smackdown Live I am having Smackdown Live presents Cruel Summer slam. Then last but not least on my next Raw based Pay per view I am calling it Raw present's Money in the Bank Cajun style.
  13. I still am playing it I am trying to finish up alot of loose ends in Universe mode so I won't be too overwhelmed trying to catch up. In the past it has taken me months to recreate all the wrestlers I needed to make universe the way I had it.
  14. Mine are I am probably going to play one of the new match's then edit my universe and then create a superstar and try to the same Universe I have in Wwe 2k18
  15. One thing I am looking forward to in caw this year is the block thing. I plan on making some of the Funko Pop! figurine;'s that were included in the special bonus of past wwe 2k games like the Stone Cold Steve Austin one and The Rock one and this years Ric Flairs one. How about anyone else are you playing on creating Funko Pop! figurine's
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