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  1. NOW UPLOADED TO LIVE!!!! search : Jannetty, ackersey, wwf Enjoy!
  2. All 4 slots added to Live...with entrance and moveset!!!
  3. Update in the 1st post. Should be uploaded this week or next...sorry for the delay, wife had a baby!
  4. Yes....Again thanks so much for getting those on live for me! I used one of them in slot one...I am currently working on getting some attires finished to go with the others. Update in first post: Slot 1 attires of Marty Jannetty is now final... waiting for Tyrant to send over the new face morphs so that I can upload this to live. Will more than likely do an HBK to match this since the attires are almost exactly the same except for a few pieces here and there. HOPE YOU ENJOY! -ackersey
  5. They are amazing and already used one this afternoon! I will be posting an update later on this evening hopefully... Update in First Post!
  6. Awesome Logo Man! I downloaded it today and will work on putting into my next creation....if you could do a couple more it would help me out a ton!
  7. How exactly would I find this? Everywhere i look there is no form for it. I don't have a copy of 13 so i cant get it that way.
  8. Update: Currently on Live Search Keywords: Jannetty, WWF, ackersey Credit to Spirito for the Tshirt Logo on the Hasbro and tag champs attires! All Credit for face and body morphing goes to Tyrant Slot 1.(Singles) Singles attire,SummerSlam 93, Royal Rumble 93, IC Title Win Slot 2 (Rockers) Hasbro Figure, Survivor Series 91, Survivor Series 90, WM 6 Slot 3 (Rockers 2) Tag Team Champs, AWA1, AWA2, Barber Shop Slot 4 (Misc Returns) Rockers Reunion, vs. Miz, vs. Mr. Kennedy
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