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  1. Honestly I am a fan of the best of 7 series he had with Booker T. I think that is when he really stepped out that he could be a main eventer.
  2. That is what I figured... always seems that the pic is darker. Maybe get a closer shot of the face to see the details.
  3. Hard to see the face but it seems to look great. The only thing I would say, unless it just looks like it in the picture, but is he is a bit too dark. He is lighter skinned than that.
  4. I'm not sure if he was supposed to win, however, It was said in an interview with Steve Austin that The Ringmaster (later to be known as Stone Cold) was supposed to be in the final 4 in 1996. He got eliminated by Fatu (Rikishi) like 10 minutes in. He had to to signal HBK to let him know. I am sure they just go with what they have and work it into a story.
  5. I can understand the heartburn from that model... it seems they don't really care about female models on the game. The men look amazing and the women look... off. Dana, for instance, looks like a Jackson Pollock painting on her face. ‚ÄčI will definitely be upping this when I get home.
  6. Looks really good, man! The only suggestion I would say is I would have changed the shirt in one of them to her Love Bites shirt.
  7. In the immortal words of Joey Styles, "OH MY GOD!!!" The savior of WWE CAWS is here! Awesome start to Batista, man. Love the detail.
  8. Any chance on getting more up or switching out what you have up? Jonesin to get the rest for my custom show.
  9. Love all of these, man! Will definitely get some of these tonight for my roster.
  10. I have been advocating for a combination of all the Samoan talent to not waste them and give them a real purpose. Because of this, in my universe I made the Samoan Dynasty. I only posted two of them as I have only 5 upload spots and have some custom CAWS I uploaded as well. Currently I have changed the attire and changed the group to heels, but none of the moves and such. The leader of the heel faction Samoan Dynasty, The Samoan Superman Roman Reigns. The Lady Warrior of the group, Tamina.
  11. I have decided to throw some of my stuff on here and see what you all think. Tags: HORRORWRESTLING, ETERNALVIGILANCE Name: "The Ace" Michael Daniels Age: 32 Game Debut: WWE '13 About: Natural talent without all the flash and flare. He is gritty with a little bit cocky. He has two tattoos of symbol. A dragon wrapped around a rose indicating what started his life, his family. A ward on his chest to keep evil out. He doesn't do a lot of high flying but can hop off the top if he needs too, but he makes sure he can make it count. He started Eternal Vigilance, a group of wrestlers that were tired of the status quo. With his best friend since High School, Corey Williams and his girl Christine by his side, he plans to take over the industry tag division first, then... the rest of the wrestling world. Finishers: The Ace Twist (Swinging Reverse STO), Ace Choke (Guillotine Choke 2) Name: "The Beast" Corey Williams Age: 30 Game Debut: WWE '13 About: Big, bad and not taking any crap from anyone, Corey spent his whole life fighting. Finding his desire for Tag Team domination changed his perspective on how to do things. With his partner, he knows that no matter what happens, Ace has his back. Finishers: Beast Mode (Falling Powerbomb), Samoan Driver 1 (used to set up the Ace Choke in tag matches) Name: Christine Age: 29 Game Debut: WWE 2K17 About: Christine was a lost soul until she was save by a beat down from the Mean Girls. Her personality is obsessive over Ace since then. She does what she can to make him happy. Finishers: Straight Jacket (PTO), Spear
  12. I have seen some little issues in other places, but the guy I watch keeps assuring the audience that the copy every has right now is NOT the full game that will be releasing on Tuesday.
  13. I wish they would have shown more of the create a video. In previous incarnations they had standard movements you could add into your intro video as well. I hope there will be some of this. I never liked using nothing but matches for the entrance video.
  14. It'll be Kane and it should always and only be Kane. Visa versa. I can see that too. I was just thinking Ted since he was the one that "brought him to WWE".
  15. Past Woman: Molly Holly Man: Dean Malenko Present Woman: Sasha Banks Man: Dolph Ziggler Throwing in future as people that aren't famous but I want to see over the next 10-15 years. Future Woman: Ember Moon Man: Jack Gallagher
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