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Name Creator Added Rating
Batista Vs Rene Dupree Tommyspud 12th Dec 7.3/10
Kidman Vs Kidman Tommyspud 8th Nov 4/10
Wrestlemania Main Events CVD316 15th Jun 8.9/10
Rhett Titus Vs. Masato Yoshino AssaultDriver720 8th Mar 7.7/10
Fire Pro Survivor Series CVD316 9th Feb 8.8/10
A Decade Of Fire Pro Wrestling rmatheso 9th Feb 6.8/10
FPL Tag Team Final Match Jmack 11th May 4.8/10
FPL Tag Tournament Semi Final Match Jmack 6th May 7/10
FPL 6 Man Battle Royal Jmack 29th Apr 5.4/10
FPL Tournament Part 3 Jmack 23rd Apr 8.3/10
FPL Tournament Part 2 Jmack 16th Apr 7.6/10
FPL Tournament Part 1 Jmack 10th Apr 6.2/10
DMW Episode 1 blakvswite 18th Mar 4.8/10
DMW Episode 2 blakvswite 18th Mar 6.8/10
DMW Roster blakvswite 14th Mar 6.2/10
Sabu vs Terry Funk - Barbed Wire bigjplay 4th Jan 8.2/10
Misawa Vs. KENTA (NOAH At It's Finest) Blood Red Sandman 2nd Jan 7.9/10
Spiderman & Venom Vs Carnage & Green Goblin SpeedGnome from Youtube 30th Dec 7.5/10
Fire Pro - WCW 1998 goodreverend2k1 from Youtube 30th Dec 9.5/10
WWF 1988 goodreverend2k1 30th Dec 9.1/10
Fire Pro ECW Style goodreverend2k1 30th Dec 9.4/10
Beauty In Wrestling - A Tribute To FPWR PunkRingOfHonorX from Youtube 30th Dec 8.4/10
Petey Williams .: Lorenz :. 13th Dec 5.5/10
Naomichi Marufuji vs. AJ Styles EnterWrestling 10th Dec 7.5/10
Default Wrestlers Rundown GamingRing 13th Nov 4.9/10
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