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In Topic: us title

22 January 2017 - 02:43 AM

If you change the match's participants (even if you want to delete a manager), then the match would become a non-title match. To create a custom title match, though, just select the Edit feature (press X or Square, depending on console), and choose to customize the actual match. Then, select the Specialty tab, and then Title Match. Select the champion whose title you want to defend, and then the challenger(s).

In Topic: how to play mvf in wwe 2k16 ?

22 January 2017 - 02:37 AM

Yes, this glitch is still present in WWE 2K16, at least for the XBox 360. I have an Imp Midna CAW that I created using thehypnotoad's Tifa Lockhart as a base. She has Brock Lesnar's moveset (LOL), but with a few modifications (different sig/finisher, different taunts, added diving/springboard moves, etc.)


Seeing a chubby imp suplexing the crap out of Kevin Owens or Baron Corbin is awesomely funny. (Don't let The Miz know I used the word "Awesome" LOL)