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CAW by Amakusasfire

Date added: 30th April 2009
Viewed: 28536 times
Rating: 7.7/10 (133 votes)

Face Template: 1

Name: Sting
Nickname Placement:
HUD Name: Sting
Announcer Introduction:
Hometown: Venice Beach, California
Weightclass: 260 lbs
Crowd Reaction: Good

Hair: 27 (87,-100,-19,100)
*Head Morphing:*
Head: 19,-4,-2
Forehead: 0,22,6,-15

Eye Type: 1 (default)
Eyebrows: default
Lips: 1 (99,-100,-55)
Skin Tone: 4 (89,6,11,3)

*Face Morphing*
Eyebrows: -100,40,22,41
Eyes: -27,-6,-6,6,7,-16,-5
Nose: -25,35,-15,-14,11,29,11,-10
Cheeks: -22,-42,-25,13
Mouth: 18,-10,5,-33,-36,24,-46
Jaw: -6,-10,18,13,-16,11
Ears: default

Height: 6'4"
Body Type: 15
Body Morphing
Neck: -18,-15,5
Chest: -4,-4,23
Shoulders: -60,28,-30
Abdomen: -10,10,6
Waist: 2,5
Arms: -9,5,16
Hands: 7,6,10
Legs: 8,0,5
Feet: default

Definition: 1

Underwear default
Wrestling Attire 2 (-13,-100,-65)
Wrestling Tight Design 25 (-89,-100,31,100)
Boots 4 (-13,-100,-65) largest selection
Hands 1 (-100,-100,-65,100)
Face Paint 53 (100,0,0,100)
Face Paint 91 (100,0,0,100)
Face Paint 99 (100,0,0,100)

For the next ten steps you will need to use Face Tattoo/Lettering/Sign ( It is on page 1/7, 4 down and 3 right. The pics above will help if you need them, the color will be black default.
1. 2nd largest horizontal & largest vertical, place above the right eye.
2. Repeat the last step for the left eye just rotate 2x.
3. Largest horizontal & vertical place this over right eye above the last design and rotate 2x.
4. Repeat last step for the left eye without rotating it.
5. Largest horizontal & vertical place underneath the left eye.
6. Repeat last step for right eye just rotate 2x.
7. Largest vertical & 2nd smallest horizontal, place underneath right eye.
8. Repeat last step for left eye just rotate 2x.
9. Largest vertical & 2nd largest horizontal, place above the left eye.
10. Repeat last step for the right eye just rotate 2x.

For the next two steps you will need to use Face Tattoo/Lettering/Sign / it's on the first page.
1. 2nd largest horizontal & vertical place over outer left eye design.
2. Repeat last step for the right eye and rotate.

Face Tattoo/Design 138 (-18,-100,-11,100)
Tops 1 (-13,-100,-60,100) Entrance only
Body Tattoo Torso 18 (default) Entrance only
Jackets 56 (100,-100,-7) Entrance only

The following links are help pics for the face paint design if you need them.
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