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Shawn Michaels
CAW by Th3KingC

Head & Body Morphing by JohnnyPolo

Date added: 17th July 2010
Viewed: 20809 times
Rating: 8.2/10 (63 votes)

Ring Attire:
Lower Body/Wrestling Tights/30
X=-13 Y=-100 S=49 A=100 L=100
Put the heart designs (Design 161) on the tights (see help pic) Heart Color white.

Black first Color White second Color

Knee Pads/5
X=-13 Y=-100 S=-11 A=100
Logo/Design161/VS down one put on front of both knee pads
color white. (see help pic)

Upper Body/Armwear/Hands/Both Hands/18
Default Color

Entrance Attire:
Head/Face /Piercings/5/Both Ears/
Color White

Lower Body/Bottoms/53/
Color White

Upper Body/Jackets/47
Default Color
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