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Ash Ketchum
CAW by WWEandTNAxx

Date added: 29th December 2009
Viewed: 18921 times
Rating: 5.6/10 (99 votes)

Start with face template 1

Hair-55 (95,0,-59)
Head (8,41,0)
Forehead (10,23,12,0)

Eyes-1 (Default)
Eyelashes (Default)
Eyebrows (Default)
Mouth-Lips (Default)
Skin tone-1 (88,0,0,0)

Eyebrows- (-97,0,0,0)
Eyes- (53,12,0,0,0,0,33)
Nose- (All 0)
Cheeks- (10,0,0,0)
Mouth- (0,0,0,0,0,0,-23)
Jaw- (20,17,10,2,2,0)
Ears- (All 0)

Height- (5`10)
Body Type-0

Body Morphing-ALL 0 Trust me about this

Bottoms-16 (Default)
Belts-3 (Orange Default)
Tops-1 (Tucked in White Default) and Tops-11 (Black Default)
Jackets-23 (Blue Default)
Boots/Shoes-20 (Default)
Hats-1 (Red Default) (logos Design 95 and 96 make it look lie a V slanted
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