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WWE All Stars

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WWE All Stars CAWs

  Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓ Vid
A-Train GMaybee 17th Dec 11
Abdullah The Butcher GMaybee 30th Sep 11
Adam Davis NightRobin Black Tights w/ Red Trim 9th Sep 11
Adrian Adonis GMaybee 19th Sep 11
Ahmed Johnson GMaybee 14th Aug 11
  AJ Styles (2) Show
    Creator Attire Added Vid
1 VivekPremGamers Blue 30th Jul 11
2 GMaybee 27th Aug 12
Akeem GameRunnerGreen Yellow/Blue 29th May 11
Akuma GMaybee 30th Sep 11
  Alberto Del Rio (2) Show
    Creator Attire Added Vid
1 Big333Gus WWE Gold Trunks 9th May 11
2 GMaybee 10th Oct 11
Alex Riley GMaybee 17th Dec 11
Alex Shelley GameRunnerGreen Black/Red 2nd Jun 11
Alex Wright GMaybee 17th Dec 11
Amazing Red RIGHTEOUS Old School X Division 4th Jul 11
Amish Roadkill GMaybee 30th Sep 11
Antonio Cesaro GMaybee 27th Aug 12
Arn Anderson GMaybee Brainbusters 27th Aug 12
Austin Aries GMaybee 27th Aug 12
Austin Idol GMaybee 30th Sep 11
Ax roost3r Demolition 1991 WWF 9th May 11
  Bad News Brown (2) Show
    Creator Attire Added Vid
1 GameRunnerGreen Black 29th May 11
2 GMaybee 14th Aug 11
Bam Bam Bigelow GMaybee 19th Sep 11
Barry Horowitz GMaybee 14th Aug 11
Barry Windham GMaybee Widowmaker 27th Aug 12
Bastion Booger GMaybee 27th Aug 12
  Batista (3) Show
    Creator Attire Added Vid
1 DACUSE44 Black Trunks WWE 2010 9th May 11
2 Psyco HJ Red 16th May 11
3 GMaybee 27th Aug 12
Beau Beverly GMaybee Beverly Brothers 17th Dec 11
Big John Studd GMaybee 9th Sep 11
Big Zeke Siksanta Red 26th Nov 11
  Billy Graham (2) Show
    Creator Attire Added Vid
1 Sexyboy WWF 80s 2 Different 9th May 11
2 roost3r 9th May 11
Billy Gunn GMaybee New Age Outlaws 17th Dec 11
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