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Randy Savage
Move by Rated R Superstar V.2

Date added: 8th October 2012
Macho Man Randy Savage

Hammer Throw
Leverage Pin
Springboard Dives

Standard Actions
Slinde Ring In 1
Slide Ring Out

Apron Ring-In/Out
Normal Ring In 3
Normal Ring Out 2

Apron Ringside-In/Out
Normal On The Apron 2
Normal Apron Out 2

Randy Savage 1
Randy Savage 2
Randy Savage 3
Raise Arm 3

Strike Attacks
Snap Jab 3
Overhand Punch 1
Gut Kick 2
Backhand Chop
Gut Kick 2
Edge Punch 2
Cena Punch 1

Strike Combination
Cena Punch 1
Backhand Chop
Head Punch 1

Strong Strikes
Double Axe Handle 7
Clothesline 12

Kick Reversal
Clothesline Reversal 2
Take Down Reversal
Single Leg Boston Crab
Sleeper Hold 1
Shove Back Reversal

Chain Grapple
Front Facelock
Elbow Smash
Abdominal Stretch
Suplex 1
Reverse Atomic Drop 3
Back Suplex 5
Hangman's Elbow

Side Headlock
Elbow Smash 3
Sleeper Hold 1
Scoop Slam 3
Drop Toe Facecrusher
Neckbreaker 2
Front Neck Lock Knee Lift

Wrist Lock
Arm Wrench
Abdominal Stretch
Armlock Scoop Slam
Flapjack 2
Arm Wrench Kick & Punch
Arm Drag 2

Waist Lock
Elbow Smash 2
Cobra Clutch
Shin Breaker
Atomic Drop
Back Suplex 4
Belly To Back

Groggy Grapple
Groggy Grapple
Suplex 4
Gutwrench Suplex 1
Adjustment Piledriver

Groggy Grapple From Behind
High Knee Smash
Saito Suplex
Super Atomic Drop
Back Suplex 2

Breaking Point Submission
Sleeper Hold 1
Cobra Clutch

Strike Attacks
Angry Stomp
Knee Drop 1

Grapple Moves Facing Up
Elevated Knee Drop
Elbow Drop 9
Leg Stomps

Grapple Moves Facing Down
Knee Stomp 1
Facecrusher 4
Knee Slam

Submission Grapple
Surfboard Stretch
Camel Clutch 2
Single Leg Boston Crab

Strike Attacks
Corner Groggy
Knife Edge Chop
Double Axe Handle 9
Boxing Punch 1
Jumping Knee 3
Stomping 3
Stomping 1

Top Rope
Punch To Head 2
Dropkick 5
Springboard Clothesline

Tree Of Woe
Punch To Gut
Low Dropkick 2

Grapple Moves
Clothesline 10
Shoulder Block 5

Grapple From Behind
Final Cut
Toss Into Ring Post

Top Rope Grapple
Arm Drag 8

Top Rope Grapple Behind
Back Superplex
Back Superplex

Seated Corner Grapple
Stomp & Choke

Tree Of Woe Grapple
Foot Choke

Corner Springboard
Body Splash or None

Running Top Rope Grapple
Deadly Drive

Groggy Against Ropes
Flapjack 6

Springboard Attacks

Outside Springboard Attacks

Out Of Ring Dive Attack (Run)

Strike Attacks
Right Hook
Axe Handle To Ringside
Apron Clothesline 2

Springboard Attacks

Hotshot 1
Giant Chop
Apron Shoulder Block
Cut Down
Pull Down 2

Apron Elbow Drop
Apron Elbow Attack

Apron Clothesline
Running Elbow Strike

Diving Attack Vs. Standing Opp
Diving Cross Body 1
Diving Clothesline 2

Diving Attack Vs. Downed Opp
Diving Knee Drop
Diving Fist Drop 3

Running Strikes
Clothesline 8
Elbow Attack 2

Knee Facebuster 2
Reverse Atomic Drop 3

Grapple From Behind
Back Suplex 2
High Knee Smash

Ground Strikes
Double Axe Handle 4

Irish Whip Rebound
Running Forearm Smash 2
Reverse Atomic Drop 1
Hip Toss 6
Knee Lift Reversal

Pull Back Attacks
Pull Back Knee Strike
Pull Back Neckbreaker

Special Moves

Wake Up Taunt
Randy Savage 3

Special Moves
Signature Moves
Scoop Slam
Jumping Knee Drop

Finishing Moves
Diving Elbow Drop 10
Diving Double Axe Handle
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