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AJ Styles
Move by Unknown

Date added: 9th September 2012
Outside Dives
Springboard Dives
Leverage Pin

Standard Actions
Normal Ring In 2
Quick Ring Out

Apron Ring-In/Out
Jumping Ring In 3
Jumping Ring Out

Apron Ringside-In/Out
Normal On The Apron 1
Normal Apron Out 2

Experience 3
Mr.Hardcore 2
Randy Orton 3
Mr. Hardcore 2

Strike Attacks
Woman’s Elbow Smash
Low Kick 2
Gut Kick 2
Backhand Chop 1
Dropkick 1
Gut Kick 2
Keylock Combo 4

Strike Combination
Backhand Chop
Elbow Smash 5
Orton Punch 1

Strong Strikes
Back Flip Kick
Clothesline 13

Kick Reversal
Windmill Reversal
Dragon Screw Reversal
Armbar 3
Enzuigiri Reversal

Chain Grapple
Front Facelock
Knee Strike 1
Abdominal Stretch
Snap Suplex
Pendulum Backbreaker
Back Side Slam 2
Backbreaker Drop 4

Side Headlock
Knee To Head
Snapmare & Chin Lock
Suplex 3
Step Up Enzuigiri 2
Backbrekaer Drop 4
Snapmare & Soccerball Kick

Wrist Lock
Elbow Smash 2
Cross Armbreaker
Hurricanrana Whip 2
Northern Light Suplex 2
Flying Kneel Kick 2
Gutwrench Suplex 1

Waist Lock
Dropkick 3
Full Nelson
German Suplex 4
Front Dropkick 3
Back Suplex 2
Back Side Slam 1

Groggy Grapple
Groggy Grapple
Snaprme & Dropkick
German Suplex 5
Pumphandle Gutbuster
Flying Kneel Kick 2

Groggy Grapple From Behind
Standing Sea Fire
German Suplex 2
Regal Plex
Facebuster 4

Breaking Point Submission
Cross Armbreaker
Full Nelson

Strike Attacks
Wrestling Hero Stomp
King Stomp

Grapple Moves Facing Up
Elevated Knee Drop
Mount Punch
Bellly Stomp

Grapple Moves Facing Down
Armbar 2
Knee Drop 6
California Dream

Submission Grapple
Cross Armbar
Camel Clutch 2
Figure 4 Leglock 2

Strike Attacks
Corner Groggy
Knife Edge Chop 4
Forerm Smash 2
Running Elbow Smash
Front Dropkick 2
Stomping 3
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Top Rope
Enzuigiri 4
Dropkick 5
Springboard Enzuigiri

Tree Of Woe
Middle Kick 2
Low Dropkick 2

Grapple Moves
Moonsault Attack 2
Tornado DDT

Grapple From Behind
Rebound Suplex
Head Slam

Top Rope Grapple
Hurricanrana 7

Top Rope Grapple Behind
Reverse Superplex
Reverse Death Vallex

Seated Corner Grapple
Face Wash

Tree Of Woe Grapple
Foot Choke 2

Corner Springboard
Body Splash 2

Running Top Rope Grapple
Belly To Belly 5

Groggy Against Ropes
Swing Neckbreaker 3

Springboard Attacks
Phoenix Splash 1

Outside Springboard Attacks:
Corkscrew Body Attack 2

Out Of Ring Dive Attack (Run):
Rope Flip 1

Running Springboard
Sprinboard DDT 1

Strike Attacks
Kick To Ring
Axe Handle To Ringside
Apron Clothesline 2

Springboard Attacks
Springboard Clothesline 3
Tornillo 2

Apron Suplex 2
Shoulder Block
Pull Down 1
Pull Down 2

Apron Stomp
Apron Elbow Attack

Apron Clothesline 1
Running Elbow Strike

Diving Attack Vs. Standing Opp
Diving Cross Body 1
Missile Dropkick 1

Diving Attack Vs. Downed Opp
Frog Splash 2
Diving Moonsault 2

Running Strikes
Clothesline 8
Step Up Enzuigiri 3

DDT 13

Grapple From Behind
German Suplex 4
Chop Block 2

Ground Strikes
Double Axe Handle 4

Irish Whip Rebound
Dropkick 10
Arm Trap Neckbreaker
Hurriancana 2
Knee Lift Reversal

Pull Back Attacks
Pull Back Kitchen Sink
Pull Back Backbreaker 2

Special Moves
Morrison Comeback

Wake Up Taunt
Expereience 3

Signature Moves
Brain Buster
450 Splash 2

Finishing Move
Landing Clash

Created Finishing Moves
Avalanche Styles Clash
Spiral Tap

Avalanche Styles Clash
Front Neck Lock Clutch (106%)
Front Neck Lock Clutch Second (112%)
Front Neck Lock Clutch Top (115%)
Faith Breaker Take Off (106%)
Faith Breaker Dive (94%,0,6)
Faith Breaker Finish (94%)

Spiral Tap
Take Off 25 (102%)
Dive 17 (107%) – Trajectory Point two clicks right
Dive 69 (111%) – 3 clicks right
Descent 21 (126%) – Lowest possible traj
Finish 09 (123%)

Royal Rumble
Quick Grapple
Low Kick
Spinning Heel Kick
Backhand Chop

Attitude Adjustment
Codebreaker 3

Strike Attack
Punch To Head
Backhand Chop

Backhand Chop

Attitude Adjustment

Pushing Down
German Suplex
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