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Straight Edge Society
Arena by Iron Man Dude

Date added: 9th August 2012
Group1 Color- Default
Group1 Logo- 7/78: (Color- Default)
(Same for Group 2)
Color- Default
Logo- 6/78: (Color- Black)
All Rope Color- Yellow
*Ring Posts*
All Posts Color- Black
*Turnbuckle Pads*
All Pads Color- Black

*Floor Mat*
Color- Default
Color- Default
Logo- 7/78: (Color- Default)
Color- Default
Logo- 6/78: (Color- Yellow)
Color- Default

*Electronic Billboard*
Color- Default
Logo- 7/78: (Color- Default)

*Match-up Nameplate*
Nameplate- 1/10
*Menu Screenshot*
Screenshot- 1/12

Name: Straight Edge Society
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