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WWE '12 Moves

Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓
Dolph Ziggler goldislead Pink 31st Aug 12
Super Crazy goldislead 31st Aug 12
Ryback BrunoBarros 27th Aug 12
Stone Cold Unknown 27th Aug 12
Bobby Lashley Unknown 27th Aug 12
Owen Hart Unknown 27th Aug 12
Chris Jericho rememberthefurby WCW Lionheart Tights 25th Aug 12
Kaitlyn theenforcer17 15th Aug 12
Edge Unknown 10th Aug 12
Chris Jericho Unknown 10th Aug 12
Matt Hardy Unknown 10th Aug 12
Heath Slater Unknown 10th Aug 12
Shawn Michaels Unknown 9th Aug 12
Miss Tessmacher Ace Tacoma TNA 9th Aug 12
Darren Young Matthew___12 9th Aug 12
AJ Styles Unknown 9th Aug 12
Curt Hawkins Unknown 9th Aug 12
Dolph Ziggler Unknown 9th Aug 12
Christian Unknown 9th Aug 12
Jeff Hardy Unknown 9th Aug 12
Justin Gabriel Unknown 9th Aug 12
Sheamus Unknown 3rd Aug 12
Alberto Del Rio Unknown 3rd Aug 12
Mr. Perfect Unknown 3rd Aug 12
Hulk Hogan Unknown 3rd Aug 12
Kaval Unknown 3rd Aug 12
Evan Bourne Unknown 3rd Aug 12
Bret Hart Unknown 3rd Aug 12
Road Dogg Zack Ryder Revolution 28th Jul 12
Tyson Kidd The SuperCrasherâ„¢ 28th Jul 12
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