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WWE '12 CAWs

  Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓ DL Only Vid
Avan Jogia newcaw26 HBK 19th Jul 12
Jeff Hardy GTSharma WWE 2007 Black & White 14th Jul 12
Chuck Liddell Unknown UFC 14th Jul 12
Trish Stratus Cameron671 Unforgiven 2006 14th Jul 12
CM Cena Marco2000CS CM Punk + John Cena 14th Jul 12
Agent J Dark Rouge Men In Black 14th Jul 12
Sting king emphatic After HOF on iMPACT 14th Jul 12
Bane DiazRKO Batman & Robin 14th Jul 12
Don Esteban the guy behind me cant see Resident Evil 4 14th Jul 12
Joe Vargas newcaw26 AngryJoeShow 14th Jul 12
Daniel Bryan WrestlingAddicted 7th Jul 12
Triple H ak199418 Legends of WrestleMania 7th Jul 12
LuFisto Storm of Sand 2 Different 7th Jul 12
Sara Del Rey Storm of Sand 7th Jul 12
The Undertaker ak199418 WWF 1995 5th Jul 12
Batista TyNick 2010 I QUIT 5th Jul 12
Epico H.Patrik (innovator) Black & White 4th Jul 12
Jeff Hardy chrisrulesmickens No 4th Jul 12
Sarita obsessedW/divas 4th Jul 12
Maxine obsessedW/divas 4th Jul 12
Eve Torres obsessedW/divas 4th Jul 12
Aksana obsessedW/divas 4th Jul 12
Homer Simpson Undertaker 20-0/97 4th Jul 12
Sin Cara Marco2000CS Red 4th Jul 12
Kane TakerKaneanite619 WWF Masked 4th Jul 12
Joey Mercury BrunoBarros 4 Different 4th Jul 12
Michael Cole BrunoBarros 4 Different 4th Jul 12
Trish Stratus Vladtepez 4th Jul 12
Layla obsessedW/divas 4th Jul 12
Johnny Bravo I'll Be Back Cartoon Network 4th Jul 12
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