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SD! vs RAW 2011 Saves

  Name ↓ Creator Added ↓
Best CAWs (PAL) CM14 25th Aug 12
Roster Edit V2 (NTSC) clarkz08 6th Apr 12
CAW Save (NTSC) Unknown 12th Mar 12
Roster Edit CAWs (NTSC) clarkz08 12th Mar 12
Modifyed Ericland16 Save (NTSC) renstimpy1 3rd Dec 11
WWE SVR 2011 SaveData Wii November 2011 lucasreggae97 26th Nov 11
Ultimate Gamesave Demo 3 NTSC renstimpy1 26th Nov 11
All Unlocked + NPC (NTSC) renstimpy1 9th Nov 11
All Unlocked + NPC + CAWS renstimpy1 9th Nov 11
Unlock Everything Save ge2ko57 27th Oct 11
Feb 2011 CAWs Save NTSC Wii lucasreggae97 23rd Oct 11
CAWs w Hack Layers WWF ECW TNA WWE(NTSC) AxnmKaneLoveNana 18th Jun 11
30 CAWs Save (NTSC) olegcrow 8th May 11
100% Complete Jeff Hardy & Sin Cara CAW mrpazhh 30th Apr 11
BETA 1.1 (NTSC) weaver7x 27th Mar 11
All Unlocked And Good Created Shows (NTS matthardyfan78 23rd Mar 11
CAW Save (NTSC) erickland16 23rd Mar 11
All Unlocked + Best CAWs (NTSC) wcwfancik245 8th Mar 11
WWE CAW SAVE T-shirts New Nexus + T-shir the hogan 4th Mar 11
100% Complete wcwfan244 28th Feb 11
TNA NEXUS and CORRE (NTSC) WWEFan1 20th Feb 11
SvR2011 ALL UNLOCKED WWEFan1 20th Feb 11
Featuring TNA (NTSC) davebatistafan243 5th Feb 11
WWE 2011 Ultimate Save 3.0 (NTSC) weaver7x 5th Feb 11
WWE CAW Save (NTSC) the hogan 5th Feb 11
WWE SvR 2011 The BEST Save (PAL) Zagrebin Bogdan 5th Feb 11
WWE 2011 All Roster Are Minis (NTSC) D3a4h0 18th Jan 11
WWE 2011 Ultimate Save 2.0 (NTSC) weaver7x 3rd Jan 11
Hack Anime + 100 % (NTSC) weaver7x 28th Dec 10
Everything Unlocked & Wrestlers Moved timothybernardijr 12th Dec 10
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