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SD! vs RAW 2011 CAWs

  Name ↓ Creator Attire Added ↓ DL Only Vid
Ryback lilydavy1 6th May 12
Stacy Keibler Milkey Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth 6th May 12
Ryback ViniciusBrasil 2012 6th May 12
Camacho Crismaster19 Hunico's Manager 6th May 12
Brock Lesnar Kingrecession Extreme Rules 6th May 12
Wade Barrett XXSVRCAWSXX The Corre 1st May 12
Black Jack wweandwwfgames Nacho Libre 1st May 12
Sin Cara wweandwwfgames Mistico 1st May 12
Chris Jericho Kingrecession 2012 Return 1st May 12
Butch Reed Crismaster19 80's 1st May 12
Don Diego Felipe L Resident Evil 4 1st May 12
Brock Lesnar MJ_RTWM Extreme Rules 1st May 12
Brock Lesnar Remik Raja Extreme Rules 2012 1st May 12
Torrie Wilson Milkey No 1st May 12
Daffney Milkey (Face only) 1st May 12
Rob Van Dam Kingrecession Ying-Yang 27th Apr 12
Bret Hart Felipe L. 2012 27th Apr 12
Daniel Bryan jorge.rios95 2012 27th Apr 12
Lord Tensai MJ_RTWM 2012 27th Apr 12
King Nexus619 Tekken 24th Apr 12
Goldberg Nexus619 24th Apr 12
Sin Cara THE MARLON Blue & Original 24th Apr 12
The Great Khali Nexus619 Punjami Plaiboi 23rd Apr 12
The Rock MJ_RTWM Wrestlemania 28 21st Apr 12
CM Punk Kingrecession Yellow (Best in the World) 21st Apr 12
Randy Orton @wwekid07 Legend Killer w/Beard 21st Apr 12
Ted DiBiase Still Million Dollar Man 14th Apr 12
Epico jorge.rios95 14th Apr 12
Lord Tensai Marlon Rulez Red 14th Apr 12
Rikishi T.J.C Oringnal 14th Apr 12
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