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Andy Kaufman
Move by Believer

Date added: 1st February 2010
Viewed: 1163 times
Rating: 6.2/10 (6 votes)

It´s based on Jerry Lawler 2009 and
Lawler vs Kaufman

Standard Actions

Abilities:Dirty Pin, Move Thief, Possum Pin,
Referee Shield, Ring Escape, Taunt Thief

Ring-In/Out: Woman Ring In/Out
Apron Ring-In/Out: Woman Ring In/Out 2
Apron Ringside-In/Out: Woman On The Apron/Woman Ring Out
Taunts: Edge 4 (2x), Powerful 5(2x)


Strike Attacks: Brother snab Jab, Body Punch 1, Back Chop 1
Clothesline 3, Punch To Head
Strong Strike: -
Kick-Reversal: Reversal Elbow, Reversal Leg Lace,
Reversal Ankle Lock, Reversal Enzuigiri
Quick Grapple: Fury Punch, Headlock Punch 2,
Wrist Clutch & Elbow, Back Chop 2
Quick Behind: Atomic Drop 1, Forearm Smash,
Elbow To Back Of Head, Back Rake 2
Quick Royal Rumble: Back Chop 6, Body Punch 2, Elbow,
Dropkick 7
Grapple Moves

Collar & Elbow: Knife Edge Chop, Sleeper Hold, Scoop Slam 4,
Suplex 5, Bak Suplex 2,
Reverse Atomic Drop 1
Side Headlock: Punch To Head, Chin Lock, DDT 21,
Combination 3, Mat Slam 1,
Russian Leg Sweep 1
Wrist Lock: Arm Wrench, Walls Of Jericho, Low Blow 2,
Back Suplex 8, Low Blow 1, Suplex 9
Rear Waist Lock: Forearm Smash, Full Nelson, Backslide Pin 1
Back Suplex 4, Russian Leg Sweep 2,
Low Blow 5


Strike Move: Angry Stomp, Elbow Drop 1,
Double Axe Handle Drop

Grapple Moves Face Up: Face Stretch 3, Arm Lock 2,
Belly Stomp

-//- Face Down: Back Chop 4, Wrestling Rolling, Ankle Lock 3

Submission: Surfboard Stretch, Camel Clutch 3, Boston Grab

Submission Match: Same as Submission.


Strike Attacks: TB Clotgesline 1, On The Top Rope,
Dropkick To Groin

Grapple Moves: Back Elbow Stricke, Mug Shot, Superplex,
Giant Chop

Grapple From Behind: Forearm To Back, Lucha DDT,
Super Back Suplex, Toss To Ring Post

Sitting Corner Grapple: Mudhole Stomping 2


Groggy On Ropes: Rope Whip Scoop Slam

Rebound Attack: -

Diving Out Of Ring Attack: -


Strike Attack: Kick To Ring, Kick To Ringside

Rebound Attack: -

Grapple: Apron Hotshot 1, Apron Giant Chop, Apron Facelock
Apron Pulling Down 1, Apon Low Blow

Ground: Apron Fist Drop, Apron Choke

Running: Apron Clothesline, Apron Running Elbow


Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp: Diving Axe Handle 1,
Diving Seated Senton

Diving Attack vs. Drowned Opp: Diving Senton Bomb,
Diving Leg Drop 5

Running Strikes: Left Arm Clothesline, Clothesline 10

Running Grapple: Head Pound, Neckbreaker 9

Grapple From Behind: Buldog 3, Roll Up

Crouching Attack: Elbow Drop 3, Double Axe Handle 4

Counter Attack: Back Chop 1, Armtrap Neckbreaker,
Drop Toe Hold 1, Reversal Kick, Ducking

Pullback Attack: -

Tag Team

Standing Tag Team: Double Beat Head (2x), Double DDT (2x)

Corner Tag Team: Diving Axe Handle 2 (2x),
Slingshot To TB (2x)


Signatures: Diving Fist Drop 2, Back Suplex 5

Finishers: Texas Piledriver, Piledriver 2

Created Finisher: -

Royal Rumble Finsiher: Atomic Drop 2, Pedigree 4 (It´s near
to the Piledriver)
Dropkick 8, Hotshot
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