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Angelina Love
CAW by Jadeybbz123

Date added: 12th March 2012
Viewed: 16120 times
Rating: 5.3/10 (11 votes)

*NOTE* Anything not listed is default okay still getting around to that
Template 1
Hair - 63, (78,-20,39,100)
Makeup - 3 (100,-100,-29,100)
Upper Body
Underwear - 7 (-100,-100,-100)
Logo - Square, Place this in the middle of her boobs and turn it the blackest you can
Armwear - 7 (-100,-100,-100)
Wrestling Tights - 1 (-100,-100,-100)
Logos - Place two rectangles one in the middle of her lower stomach and one in the middle of her lower back ( -27,-100,10)
Then just get the straight line and rotate it so its Horizontal and connect them to the rectangles look at pic for help :P
Logos - Two circles put them to the side of her legs one one each side ( 92,-59,40,44)
boots - 36 (100,100,-100)
No Tattoos Yet sorry

Name - Angelina Love
Nickname- None
Abbreviated name - Angelina
Announcer introduction - Angel
Home town - Toronto,Canada
Show - whatever you want really - but I got free agent
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