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Preset Entrances

Simple List - Credit to Spyke & Maxnificent

Legend 1 - Hulk Hogan
Legend 2 - Super Fly Snuka
Legend 3 - Mr. Perfect
Legend 4 - Jim Neidhart
Legend 5 - Eddie Guerrero
Legend 6 - Terry Funk
Legend 7 - Mankind
Legend 8 - Ric Flair

Superstar 1 - Kurt Angle
Superstar 2 - Booker T
Superstar 3 - King Booker
Superstar 4 - Chris Masters
Superstar 5 - Rob Van Dam
Superstar 6 - Sabu
Superstar 7 - Sandman
Superstar 8 - Jamie Noble
Superstar 9 - Kenny Dykstra
Superstar 10 - Bobby Lashley
Superstar 11 - Greggory Helms (Heel)
Superstar 12 - Colin Delaney
Superstar 13 - Balls Mahoney

Superstar 14 - Lance Cade
Superstar 15 - Trevor Murdoch
Superstar 16 - Big Daddy V
Superstar 17 - Snitsky
Superstar 18 - Paul London
Superstar 19 - Chuck Palumbo
Superstar 20 - Tazz
Superstar 21 - Hardcore Holly
Superstar 22 - Chris Beniot
Superstar 23 - Chris Jericho (Old)
Superstar 24 - Randy Orton (0ld)
Superstar 25 - Shane McMahon
Superstar 26 - Zack Ryder
Superstar 27 - Curt Hawkins
Superstar 28 - Elijah Burke (No Towel)
Superstar 29 - Super Crazy
Superstar 30 - Vader
Superstar 31 - Doink
Superstar 32 - The Boogeyman
Superstar 33 - Jimmy Wang Yang
Superstar 34 - Boxer
Superstar 35 - Clumsy
Superstar 36 - Ladies Man
Superstar 37 - VIP
Superstar 38 - Zombie

Diva 1 - Maria (old)
Diva 2 - Torrie Wulson
Diva 3 - Ashley
Diva 4 - Layla
Diva 5 - Victoria
Diva 6 - Candice Michelle
Diva 7 - Jillian Hall
Diva 8 - Aerobic
Diva 9 - Ariel

Tag 1 - Generic (Face)
Tag 2 - Generic (Heel)
Tag 3 - Generic (Arm Raising)
Tag 4 - Generic (Arm Swinging)
Tag 5 - Zack and Curt Hawkins
Tag 6 - Shane and Vince
Tag 7 - Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
Tag 8 - Paul London and Brian Kendrick
Tag 9 - Umaga and Armando
Tag 10 - Cena and Tony

Tag Legend 1 - Legion of Doom
Tag Legend 2 - Million Dollar Man and IRS
Tag Legend 3 - The Rockers
Tag Legend 4 - Bushwackers

In Detail - Credit to Jedi Master 316

Tag 1- left raises arms in air and screams right crabs wrists they nod at each other and walk down ramp continuing left raises arms in air and screams right crabs wrists
Tag 2- The are basicly saying they are to good and waving off the crowd (very negative about the crowd one snots at them from the ring)
Tag 3-  Both walk out raise one arm then point to crowd
Tag 4- Clapping swinging arms and cracking their neck ready for a fight
Tag 5-  once screams the other keeps pointing to the floor (basicly saying this is my house) and the one who screamed keeps pointing to himself. When they eanter ring screamer goes up side of outside ring to corner whal pointer goes to top of same turnbuckle and the both raise arms with pinky and index finger extended
Tag 6-  Shane O Mac  Then calls out VINNY MAC
Tag 7- Walk out Raise both arms with index and pinkie extended, high five in middle of ramp and continue to Raise both arms with index and pinkie extended
Tag 8- Brian Kendick and Paul Lundon
Tag 9- One walks out like Umaga without  the other keeps pointing to the other. I think it is Umaga and Estrada the guy that was his manager then the GM of ECW then a wrestler then released.
Tag 10- One drives Truck the other stands in back of truck waving flag and is wearing a hat. Once they get to ring driver stays in truck and Guy in back runs in ring playing to the crowd (LOOKS JUST LIKE JOHN CENA)

Tag Legend 1- Walk out spreading arms  multiple times get in ring go to opposite corners and spread arms
Tag Legend 2- Walk out like Million Dollar Man and Andre . They walk out Andre raises Million dollars arm they walk down the ramp and you can tell by the way Andre walks and holds the ropes when he gets in ring that it is Andre.
Tag Legend 3-  The Rockers. Running out pointing to fans, running down ramp up to the top rope and raise arms then bouncing off ropes.

Tag Legend 4- Bushwackers

Legend 1- Hogan
Legend 2 - Superfly
Legend 3 – Mr Perfect
Legend 4 - Jim Neidhart
Legend 5- Eddie Gurrero
Legend 6 - Terry Funk
Legend 7 - Mankind

Legend 8 - Ric Flair
Superstar 1- kurt angle
Superstar 2- Booker T
Superstar 4- King Booker  (what a waste )
Superstar  4- Chris Master (no robe) Could be Matt Morgan also
Superstar 5- RVD
Superstar 6- SABU
Superstar 7- Sandman
Superstar 8-Walk out and spins right wrist . Walks down looks at crowd at end of ramp and stairs. Gets in ring goes to top turnbuckle and Flexes at crowd
Superstar 9- Walk out raising both arms with one finger extended all the way down ramp gets in ring on second rope raising both arms with one finger extended
Superstar 10- Brock Lesnar
Superstar 11- Walk out spin, Walk down ramp raising right arm, then up to outer aprin up on rope pointing to himself
Superstar 12- Walk out looking around slide in ring lok back go up on turn buckle and look
Superstar 13- Slapping chest raise both arms in air with index and pointer finders extended continues down slapping chest. Calls to crowd on steps gets in ring Slapping chest raise both arms in air with index and pointer finders extended
Superstar 14-   Walk out punch air then raise both arms up pointing walk down ramp reapeatedly pointing up all the the way to and In ring
Superstar 15- Walk out raise both arms with pointer and index finger extended.  Up stairs on ouside ring apron turn and look at fans then get in and raise both arms with pointer and index finger extended
Superstar 16- Walk out and raise arm with hand dong star treck volkin sign then walk to ring randomly hiting  chest then get in ring and for sign again.
Superstar 17-Walk out and down ramp with shoulders up like booker t has been doing in TNA then get in ring and scream over top rope
Superstar 18- Paul London or Brian Kindrik
Superstar 19-Drive out on motorcycle
Superstar 20-TAZZ
Superstar 21 –Walk out raise one arm then both and walk to ring hiting chest and pointing to fans in ring top turnbuckle and both arms raised
Superstar 22- Dean Malinko or Chris Beniot (walk out clinching wrists)
Superstar 23- Y2J
Superstar 24- Randy Orton original
Superstar 25 – Shane O Mac
Superstar 26-Aj Styles  (just add the hooded ring entrance attire)
Superstar 27-Come out and walk down screaming to fans ( could be jerico based on how he gets in ring )
Superstar 28- Walk out point right hand to air (not sabu) walk down pointing  get in ring hit ropes and raise arms then point to fans talking
Superstar 29- Walk out and spin (like hbk)  walk to ramp pointing to self slide in ring then flip on head to feet.
Superstar 30- Walk out spreding arms like Tough guy get to bottom of ramp and spread arms then get in ring and flex at crowd
Superstar 31- Eugene (waving to crowd like him)
Superstar 32-Boogyman
Superstar 33- Jimmy Wang Yang our resident redneck
Superstar34-  Boxer
Superstar 35-Come out strutting  and flexing  then fall all the way down the ramp then get in ring and trip in on the floor then get up and lean in corner
Superstar 36- Ravishing Rick Rude
Superstar 37- Comes out and takes a cell phone call on the way to the ring
Superstar 38- Zombie
Sorry but I am not doing Diva entrances or Mixed tag entrances because I can care less . I hope this is helpful getting some good CAW’s out here soon.

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