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Date added: 8th May 2010
Viewed: 4905 times
Rating: 5.7/10 (28 votes)

Striking Spear (Rebound Gore)
Spear 08 (Stalking Gore)
Spear 05 (The measuring of the opponent is quite the same to what Rhino does)
Spear 06 (Alternate Stalking Gore)
Piledriver 2(Rhino Driver)
Swing Jawbreaker (Good set-up for the Gore 'cause you end up at the upperbody of your opponent)
Diving Spear (Super Gore)

Spinebuster 2
Piledriver 2 (Rhino Driver)
Spear 06 (You can select this as a signiture. This was my signiture because after the Swing Jawbreaker, if I have a Signiture Move icon, I follow it up with this)
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