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Date added: 8th May 2010
Viewed: 13279 times
Rating: 8.4/10 (84 votes)

Spear 03 (Running high-impact Spear)
Spear 06 (Not so high-impact but it still works)
Suplex-Slam (Another version of the Jackhammer but without the pin. I usually use this to follow-up Spear 4 or 8)
Scoop powerslam
Super kick
His old wcw signature: Chokeslam 4
Spear 3
Suplex Slam (Jackhammer)
Super Neckbreaker Pin
Old Chokeslam ( Chokeslam 5 )
Running Spears ( Spear 6 or 7 )
Suplex Pin ( Normal Suplex Pin )

Suplex Pin (Jackhammer)
Spear 4 (The real Goldberg high-impact spear)
Typical Goldberg Spear
Jackhammer Pin ( Suplex Pin)
Spear 08 (This is also a high impact spear but without the taunting in the end)

CAF Jackhammer by aberdude:

gut kick
speed 50%
ddt clutch 01
speed 100%
suplex clutch 03
speed 100%
vertical suplex clutch
speed 75%
suplex clutch w/steps forward
speed 100%
splash suplex impact
speed 100%

If you use Taunt Powerful 3 after the Signature Spear you have his Finisher.
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