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CAW by TheAnonymous

Date added: 24th July 2011
Viewed: 10167 times
Rating: 6.5/10 (6 votes)

Eyes: Type 5.
Style: keep same style.
Custum color: X:-70 Y:-19 Shade:0
Eyelashes: Type 6
Custom color: X:-93 Y:27 Shade:51
Eyebrows: Type 17
Custom color: X:-100 Y:0 Shade:12
Lips: Type 16
Custom color: X: -92 Y:15 Shade:-22
Teeth- type 1
Color: White

Height: "5'9"

Tops: Type 43
Custom color: X:-100 Y:100 Shade:-42
Both hands Type 7
Same style
Custom color: X:-100 Y-20 Shade:-39

Lower Body/Bottoms: Type: 24
Custom color: X: -100 Y:100 Shade:-5
Boots/shoes: Type: 34
Custom color:X:-100 Y:-11 Shade:-15
Socks:Type 9
Custom color:X:-100 Y:-11 Shade:-49

Name: Violet
Nickname placement:none
HUD Name: Violet
Announcer Introduction
Hometown: Your Choice
Weight class: 100 lbs Featherweight
Crowd Reaction: Your choice
Show: Your choice
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