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CAW by FreddyKrueger7

Date added: 7th July 2010
Viewed: 14414 times
Rating: 7.5/10 (46 votes)

Sorry about the first one being from seed.The Second one got fogged so sorry it doesn't look like that.I don't have a picture of him unscarred so try then rate.

This time we are starting with Clothes.
Tops:5,after skin tight.Pattern 24.Red
Outfits 1:-13,-23,-44
Footwear boots/shoes 20:-100,100,-23
Hair 2.Orange.
(hm and fm stand for head morph and forehead morph
Eye type:2 -16,12,0
eyelashes 1.
eyebrows 1.-100,100,-4
Lips/teeth default.
skin tone default.
Face morphing
eyes all 0
nose -100,-100,18,-100,45,6,-100,0
cheeks 34,0,0,0
mouth 52,-34,8,-63,-1000,-100,59
Jaw 49,-46,-62,0,48,3
ears all -100
He Ain't Chucky Without FRECKLES!
Marks/scars 21 style 6:100,29,0,100
Height 7'2!No really 5'3
Body morphing:-100,-69,0
chest all 0
shoulders all 0
Abdomen -56,-80,-25
Waist -55,0
arms -48,0,0
hands -79,0,0
Legs -100,0,0
Feet all 0.
Or if you wan't to make Chucky with Shades then give him
Glasses:38 default color.
Nickname:The Killer Doll
Hud Name:Chucky
Announcer introduction:Charles.
Hometown Chicago IL.I Live There!Or Parts Unknown
Weight class 100 Lbs.Cruiserweight.
Crowd Reaction Your Choice I Put Good Cause He's Awesome.
Show Your Choice I Put All My Guys On Raw.
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